Never Eat Alone

Jason Ferrugia recommended Never Eat Alone and I owe him a thank you. Keith Ferrazzi has written the How to Win Friends for the digital age. I would put this in the “must read” category. For my own benefit I like to write down some highlights from the books I read so, I thought I’d share a few of them with you. “Ultimately everyone has to ask himself or herself how they’re going to fail… The choice isn’t between success and failure, it’s between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity” p 52 On becoming a speaker- first have something to say, second, get to know the event organizers, third ask to speak during lunch or at an off time. P. 122 On success- from Thomas Harrell Stanford University. Success of MBA’s was linked to “verbal fluency”, not GPA. P 153-154 Advice from Greg Seal “ stop driving yourself- and everyone else- crazy by thinking about how to make yourself successful. Start thinking about how you are going to make everyone around you successful”. P 185 On content creation and becoming an expert- “content creators are in high demand. They get promotions, They’re responsible for big ideas….. The recipe seems straightforward: I’d latch onto the latest, most cutting edge idea in the business world. I’d immerse myself in it, getting to know all the thought leaders pushing the idea and all the literature available…. Becoming an expert was the easy part. I simply did what experts do: I taught, wrote and spoke about my experience.” P 279 On strengths weaknesses- “ The trick is not to work obsessively on the skils and talents you lack, but to focus and cultivate your strengths so your weaknesses matter less. I’d apply the 80-20 rule, in that you should spend some time getting better at your weaknesses but really focus on building your strengths”. P 282 On you as your brand- You’ve got to become your own PR firm… Take on the projects no one wants at work. Don’t ask for more pay until you’ve made yourself invaluable. Get on convention panels. Write articles for online publications… send emails filled with creative ideas…” . p 296 On famous clients- “Just remember that famous and powerful people are first and foremost people: They’re proud, sad, insecure, and if you help them … they will be appreciative”. P 321 On choosing friends and associates- “ Dr. David McClelland of Harvard researched the qualities and characteristics of high achievers on our society. What he found out was that the your choice of a reference group, the people you hung out with, was an important factor in determining your success or failure”. Closing- “Remember that love, reciprocity and knowledge are not like bank accounts that grow smaller as you use them. Creativity begets more creativity, money begets more money, knowledge begets more knowledge, more friends beget more friends, success begets even more success. More important, giving begets more giving. At know time in history has the law of abundance been more apparent than in this connected age…”


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