Is Crossfit Good for Business?

At this weeks staff meeting I told our staff that Crossfit might be the best thing that ever happened to our business. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Let me take a minute and explain a few reasons why I think Crossfit is good for MBSC.

1- Crossfit gets people training with multi-joint exercises and intervals. Good

2- Crossfit provides an inexpensive barrier to entry. Good

3- Crossfit gets people injured. Good? I’ll explain later

4- Crossfit has a huge promotional relationship with Reebok. Good?

Here’s how I see it. People try Crossfit and like it. Then people get injured doing it and look for a better alternative. They find places like MBSC that at least ,to the uninitiated, look similar to Crossfit ( think multi-joint exercises and intervals). They often don’t know the difference initially except they don’t get injured.

Reebok runs adds for “The Sport of Fitness”. The Reebok ads look like they could be for MBSC. The Reebok ads feature multi-joint exercises with perfect technique. That sounds like MBSC ( except we have a mix of young and old, fit and not fit). We don’t see anyone collapse. We don’t see anyone with lousy technique. We don’t see any vomit or bloody hands?

Sometimes you need to look at the glass at least as half full.


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  1. I respect an open mind, but I feel like you’re not looking at the big picture here. I am a cross fitter at an amazing crossfit box, I am sure there are people who do get injured, but can you name a sport where the rate of injury is virtually zero? I highly doubt it. Football, hockey, soccer, heck running has an extremely high injury rate – something like more than half of all runners get injured every year. Is that to say that we should stop running? Hell no, we just learn how to do it properly so that we can reduce that risk, same goes for cross fit, do it properly and reduce risk.

    I used train at a globo gym for years and I can personally tell you that injuries occur even in a low intensity, low risk setting such as that – being coach I am sure you can also attest to this. That being said, injuries can occur in a high intensity, multi-joint, interval program such as the one you are boasting about, just as likely as they are to occur in crossfit. You said it yourself, it’s similar to crossfit, if it’s that similar then injuries must occur at your facility, no?!? Also, if crossfit is so evil as the way you are portraying it, why would you structure an exercise program so similar to it? It must obviously be a supreme program if you are also using as a basis for you OWN exercise program. Before taking a jab at crossfit, take a look at your statistics, what is the percentage of injury at your facility?

    If you want the real story, cross fit puts out information on their website daily, not to mention their fundamentals have been there for you to read for years –

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  3. Thanks Greg. I guess that post was my attempt at “half full”.

  4. Mike, I agree and I disagree (how’s that for taking a stance – haha). I’ve been fortunate to get my share of those individuals you wrote about, but I’m afraid that many of the ones that get injured are afraid to try other places.

    It seems like the goal of the program you wrote about is just to get their clients tired with a bunch of random exercises. They fail to explain the ‘Why’ (perhaps because they don’t know either) behind their programming.

    I believe in taking our clients through an educational process that empowers them, rather than having them ask “What the heck was that for?”

    Love your blog, keep up the good work!

  5. That is about it in a nutshell.

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  6. So from what I understand CrossFit WOD’s are just metabolic circuits, correct? So…throwing together olympic powerlifting into a metabolic circuit with kippig pullups, box jumps etc. goes against the whole concept of olympic powerlifting to begin with because doing lifts in a fatigued state diminishes the power output, therefore negating the effect to begin with? Seems to me, CrossFit is just a random combination of exercises. Maybe it should be called ‘anything goes’ fitness? Damn, should have gotten into physical therapy. I’d be getting clients left and right!

  7. Robert- I think I disagree. I’m not sure that olympic lifts are ideal for everyone. I’m a big proponent of Olympic lifts for younger clients and athletes but, we rarely use them in the adult population.

  8. Pete- that is great to hear. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately based on what we see every day on the internet your situation appears to be more the exception than the rule. I know there are many more like you but also see the other side.

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