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Squat or Deadlift, What’s the Difference

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I just got this question in a private Facebook group so I’d though I’d post the link here also.

When people used to ask me to explain the difference between a squat and a deadlift, I’d always give a simple, straightforward answer: In the deadlift, the weight is in your hands.

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Great Globe Magazine Piece on Inner City Weightlifting

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As readers may or may not know I recently took a position on the board of Inner City Weightlifting. I’m so excited to be using my skills to help these inspiring young men. Take a minute and read this great piece from Shirley Leung,  @leung

Starting Over in Kendall Square 

More Support for Building Athletes

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I continue to write and post articles that support the idea that the best players are the best athletes. We are specializing far too early in every sport. Kids and parents are getting bad advice from under qualified coaches and as a result make poor decisions. Make your child an athlete first. The lowest return on time invested in any sport is the actual game. Play games for fun. Practice to get better. Train to be a better athlete.

The Quebec “Building the Athlete” Program. 

Do We Need More Certifications

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I wrote this last week for the Perform Better Newsletter

“The past five years has seen a large rise in certification courses in the fitness industry. All kinds of fitness companies are jumping on the certification band wagon. You can get certified in any number of things by an ever-increasing number of groups.

This leads us back to the question in the title. Do we need more certifications? My answer is no, we don’t need more certifications. I’m sure you think that’s a strange response as Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning has just launched the Certified Functional Strength Coach certification. To be honest, I don’t think we need more certification courses, we just need better certification courses.”

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My 1000th Post

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I realized that this post is number 1000 for me. Amazing. Anthony Renna ( talked me into blogging four or five years ago and now we have 1000 posts and are approaching 2 million views ( about 1.8 million as of today). Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has read and subscribed.

Our Philosophy

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I got an email the other day asking if I could provide a “philosophy” for a class. I remembered I had posted this a few years ago.

1- First we will do no harm.

As strength coaches and personal trainers our athletes and clients trust us to make decisions for them. Much like Hippocrates in early Greece we must first agree to not intentionally or unintentionally harm them.

2- We will train no further than technical failure.

There is a difference between training to failure and training to technical failure. In truth even training to technical failure may be more intensity than an athlete or client needs. However, no client needs to train beyond the point of technical failure. After technique has failed the potential for injury rises drastically. Reps done after technique has failed are simply asking for trouble. You may not trouble right away but it will find you eventually.

3- We will deliver the minimal effective dose

The minimal effective dose is a medical term but, the implication is fairly obvious. If one aspirin is needed, take just one aspirin. Don’t encourage someone to take the whole bottle. The key to delivering exercise is knowing how much is needed to create a training effect. Any more is wasted and, potentially dangerous.

As you can see, two of these concepts come from the world of medicine. I think we are the greatest medical society in the world and have more power to heal than any drug company or hospital. Unfortunately much like Superheros we must learn to use our power wisely.

Become A Member

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It’s funny. I have 5000 Facebook friends, give or take a few, and almost 25,000 Twitter followers.  If I include blog readers, there might be 20,000 separate readers/ subscribers. In spite of this, I might be one of the worst internet marketing guys around. is probably the best value in the sports training, personal training and physical therapy world and I don’t tell people that enough.

I spend time every day answering members questions as do guys like Alwyn Cosgrove, Charlie Weingroff and a host of others. I can’t think of a better bang for the buck resource, not because I am a partner but, because the value is high. Take a minute and check out the site. The biggest problem you will run into is that there is too much info. Not a bad problem I guess.

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Evolution of a Strength Coach

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A forum post on my site got me thinking about this article

Evolution of a Strength Coach

so I thought I’d add it to the free articles section. I think it will make you laugh and/ or think. Take a second and click.