Thoughts On Cholesterol

As many of you know I have a general distrust of medical science. I have moderately high cholesterol ( low 200’s) but, have avoided statins for years ( thank god, I was right on that one). Just curious what others think?

7 Factors to Consider If You Are Told Your Cholesterol is Too High


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  1. Hi coach, yes I think low-200’s is not a risk factor of any importance that I can think of. Dr. Mercola has some good points and, as usual, some hyperbole.

    Interesting fact about the famous Ancel Keys study: an overlooked flaw is that the countries used different methods for recording cause of death. Example: the Japanese (very low on heart disease and fat consumption) classified many deaths as “unknown” or “old age”… whereas another country (the UK) might presume that an older male who suddenly collapsed and died did so because of CVD. So it’s likely many heart-related deaths in Japan were not recorded as such, further clouding the relationship.

    The first rule of reading nutritional science: Correlation is not causation

  2. As a doctor I couldn’t agree more with this article. … Going to safe it in my favorites, was planning to write something about this 🙂

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