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A Little Mike Boyle Film Festival?

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Stack Magazine put together a bunch of videos we did all on one YouTube link. Take a look. Quick videos on squatting, complexes, KB swings, overhead pressing and more.


Avoid Antibiotic Resistance

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Many people will consider this alarmist but read it anyway.

A Compelling Documentary About Antibiotic Resistance and How to Combat It

Every time I hear about someone running to the doctor for a Z-Pack I think of this. I might use antibiotics once every two to three years.


USOC Formula for Developing Elite Athletes

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I am going to hammer this topic to death. Read this report form the USOC about elite athlete development ( thanks to Michelle Amidon of USA Hockey for passing so much of this stuff along).

Read down to the sub heading Implication

“The findings indicate that Olympians were involved in an average of three sports per year until age 14, which belies the notion that early specialization is critical to long-term success.”

Did you read that? Three sports per year until at least 14. That is the key to success. Don’t believe fake experts who have never developed an Olympian.