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People May Call Me Crazy but…

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These types of articles are scary. As a “fitness person” I’ve know for years that the business world has more interest in disease than in health. There is lots of money in sickness (junk food, drugs, surgery’s, tests etc.) and very little in health. Take a second and read this.

Seasoned Investigative Journalist Exposes Inside Strategies to Censor the News

Nice Breathing Article

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Nice simple breathing article. ( I don’t think you need the Butyeko Method but the first part is great)

Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Workout

I’ve never been a cool down guy but the evidence is mounting. Mike Vaughn’s YOU OWE ME 20 BREATHES sounds better every day.

Stuff to Read

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An attendee at the recent Perform Better 1 Day in Chicago asked for some reading recommendations so I thought I’d share them here.

The basic two for everyone in every field are:

How to Wins Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnagie
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen Covey

then from there work you way through:

Good to Great- Collins
Made to Stick – Collins
Goals- Brian Tracey
Slight Edge- Jeff Olsen
Never Eat Alone- Keith Ferrazanni
Creating Magic- Lee Cockrell
Start With Why- Simon Sinek

Hows that for a start?

Presentation Tips

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Had one of my former interns write the other day asking for some presentation tips so I thought I’d share the here:

I think the big secrets aren’t secrets. You need to be funny, you need to be confident, you need to know your material. I think good video is also key. People get bored easily and love to see video illustrations. I know I always made notes about the best talks I saw. I wrote what I liked and didn’t like about speakers. I always remember loving video.

I also think that preparation is important. I hate when people can’t get their videos to work etc. I always use my own computer, arrive early and check that everything works and the videos run. As with everything lots of things can be helped by preparing.

Harvey Mckay in Swim With the Sharks said something to the effect of “their are thousands of ways to screw up and most could be avoided by more attention to detail”

Hope these help.

Success Secrets

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Michael Boyle's Blog

I have had the pleasure of reading some great books in the past few year, many centered on how people succeed in a wide variety of professions. Books like Outliers, Talent Code and Talent is Overrated inspired me to share my story.

I am a “fitness expert” I guess. I am also a very average looking, balding, fifty five year old with no distinguished athletic resume. If this is the case, how did I end up a fitness expert? Simple, I read more and coached more than most people. As Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell would say, I have put in my ten thousand hours.

The bottom line  is that success is much more about hard work and perseverance than it is about talent. We all know that the best players don’t make the best coaches, we just don’t always know why. My theory is the best athletes never had…

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Poor Shoulder Mobility Leads to Back Pain?

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This is a follow up to a post about why we no longer squat.

“I had another epiphany the other day. Another Ah-Ha moment. Sometimes when these ideas occur I can’t decide whether I am smart or dumb. Am I smart because I had this thought or dumb because it took so long? A member of my staff and I were talking about wall slides. If you don’t know, wall slides are a great exercise borrowed from physical therapy to develop the combination of shoulder mobility and scapular stability.”

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Stacking a Team?

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Parents always fall into this trap. I love the U14 dads who are trying to stack a team to win the U14 Nationals. Guess what, that may be the wrong approach if your goal is for your child to advance to the highest level.

Jamie Rice, Head Coach at Babson College had a great point

“If they’re competitive, they’ve probably had adversity. That resilience, that elasticity is really important. That gets back to growth. We want kids who are winners not because they played for quote-unquote winning teams. They’re winners because they’ve pushed themselves, they’ve challenged themselves and they’ve overcome something. They’ve lost and then they’ve won.”

Being on the team that never loses is bad for kids. Losing is good. It builds character. It creates resilience. It creates drive. I have never sought out strong teams for my kids. What I do want is for them to play in competitive games. In truth, I could care less who wins or loses as long as the game is well played.