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Had one of my former interns write the other day asking for some presentation tips so I thought I’d share the here:

I think the big secrets aren’t secrets. You need to be funny, you need to be confident, you need to know your material. I think good video is also key. People get bored easily and love to see video illustrations. I know I always made notes about the best talks I saw. I wrote what I liked and didn’t like about speakers. I always remember loving video.

I also think that preparation is important. I hate when people can’t get their videos to work etc. I always use my own computer, arrive early and check that everything works and the videos run. As with everything lots of things can be helped by preparing.

Harvey Mckay in Swim With the Sharks said something to the effect of “their are thousands of ways to screw up and most could be avoided by more attention to detail”

Hope these help.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    You’re right. I have to admit to doing that myself.

  2. Spelling. Always check spelling and grammar. There is nothing worse than reading a power point which contains poor grammar and spelling mistakes.

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