Why Aren’t You a StrengthCoach.com Member?

I’m sitting in my car, answering questions on StrengthCoach.com and it occurs to me that I don’t “advertise” enough. In spite of all I’ve read about marketing I still find it a struggle to “ask for the order”. Thank god I chose coaching over sales.

Here’s my pitch. For $14.95 a month I’ll answer your questions every day. That’s a pretty good deal? In addition, people like Alwyn Cosgrove, Charlie Weingroff and a host of other regularly chime in. Yes, $14.95 a month. I think that’s a pretty good deal. You can try it for $1 for three days but, let me warn you billing starts on day 4.

Take a chance? Sign up for StrengthCoach.com 


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