Article on “Coaching Females”- Brijesh Patel


The strength and conditioning field is primarily dominated by males and in many instances, these males will have to coach female athletes.  The perception of females is that they are softer, more sensitive, and not as tough as males.  If you, as a male coach, feed into these stereo types you are hurting the development of your female athletes.  I’m a big believer that you should coach your female athletes as hard as you would coach males.  There are a number of gender differences, which we will get into, but from a psychological standpoint, the expectations, standards and attention to detail shouldn’t be different.  Females are smart and will realize if you are going “soft” on them, and in my experience, they like to be pushed, motivated, and held to an extremely high standard.

Females are often reluctant to be competitive – especially amongst their teammates.  They would rather be friends and want to be liked…whereas males often have no problem being competitive and understanding where to draw the line between being a friend vs. a teammate.


North Carolina Women’s Soccer Coach, Anson Dorrance, has noticed a similar situation with the women on his team: members, click here to read the rest of the article.

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