Have You Tried Gratitude Writing?

I know, you first thought is “oh my god, Mike Boyle has gone all touchy- feely on us”. This may or may not be true but, try a gratitude journal. Great way to reflect on who and what is important to you.

I tried it and loved it so much I bought journals for our entire staff. Thanks to Craig Ballantyne for the push I needed to do this.

To order a journal go to:



2 Responses to “Have You Tried Gratitude Writing?”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Craig- thanks for inspiring me to to be better and to help others be better.

  2. Thanks Mike! Funny story…

    The other week I spoke to my city’s local Kiwanis club. One member was our high school basketball coach. He was known for being a real strict hard driver. Fast forward 25 years and we had a conversation about Gratitude Journaling. Never thought that would happen in a million years. ha! – Craig

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