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Trainers Helping or Hurting

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I can’t believe I missed this article in USA Today.  ( thanks to Vince McConnell for sending the link)

Trainers Helping or Hurting

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It’s an interesting article because it shows how some  strength coaches are giving the rest of us a bad name. I think it’s funny that a kid training and working hard to get better can be spun into something bad but, that is what this article tries to portray.

Unfortunately strength and conditioning coaches having signing day parties certainly doesn’t help our industry.

I’d love to hear some thoughts after you read it.

( PS- in the small world category I coached Roger Harriot, one of the coaches quoted in the article,  at BU in the 90’s)


Setting Up A Home Gym

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I’ve been getting this question a lot lately.

“I want to set up a home gym or a small studio space, what do I need?

What most people do when they first get the urge to work out is go out and buy a few sets of dumbbells at a local sporting goods store. This a really short-sighted idea. If you continue to work out, you must continue to buy dumbbells as you get stronger. Eventually you have mismatched dumbbells all over the place. The answer? Powerblock adjustable dumbbells. PS-I don’t work for Powerblock.

After you get your Powerblocks, get a good quality adjustable bench. The PB Extreme equipment from Perform Better is excellent and reasonable. Don’t go cheap. Consider it an investment.

Last thing you need is some type of equipment to pull on. Even the most inexpensive pulley system can be a huge investment so think this one through. If it’s a small studio you might also want to consider a PB Extreme Half Rack. This will let you do chin-ups and mount a TRX or a set of rings. Consider some sort of mounting system for a TRX to save money.

Bottom line, you only need dumbbells, a bench and a TRX or rings to do everything you need to do.

PS- if you are a bit bigger with more strength potential, consider the 85 lb Powerblocks.

This Is Scary Stuff

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If you are a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach, you need to read this.

Big Brother is Watching You Squat

Article on StrengthCoach- “Implementing a Successful Sport Performance Internship Program”- Derek M. Hansen

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I have had the pleasure of implementing what I would deem a successful sport performance internship program at the university level.  I had an endless supply of applicants, submitting their resumes from all over the world.  Graduates of the intern program also had no problem obtaining work at the NCAA Division 1 level, National Sport Institutes and also for a number of professional teams.  All of these interns developed exceptional coaching abilities, effective communication skills, the ability to create comprehensive plans for all sports and a fearless ability to think on their feet and adapt to changing circumstances.  They have also matured into fabulous individuals that make the world a much better place.  Perhaps I was simply lucky to have these great individuals working for me.  However, I think we have created an environment where freedom of expression is encouraged and only the best solutions for athlete improvement are acceptable.

I have thought deeply about the type of environment that is required for optimal learning in an applied and practical field.  Provided below are some key points I have assembled based on my experience and the great knowledge that has been passed on to me by my mentors.  I am a firm believer that we are a product of those who came before us.  These concepts are as much mine as they are theirs.

Education Must be the Primary Goal of an Internship Program

I ended up changing the name of my program to an “Apprenticeship” program because it seemed like internship programs were simply a method to rustle up free labor for an organization.  At least the “Apprenticeship” label gave the impression that knowledge and method would be passed on.  If you are only setting up an apprenticeship to get young people to do your dirty work and menial tasks, you will not have much success in building a successful, attractive program.  If you pass on valuable information and knowledge to your interns, they will offer to do the unpopular jobs, because they will know that they are getting value out of the arrangement.  As the saying goes, “You will only get out what you put in.”

It is also important to make the point that education is not about feeding people information.  Education is about establishing a relationship that facilitates the development of knowledge, experience and confidence.  Anyone can feed you exercises, pass on a reading list or send you YouTube videos to watch.  My most important goal of the internship process is to ignite a passion inside people that encourages them to continue learning on their own, even after they have finished with our program.  We only offer a few steps along the staircase of knowledge.  But we also want to provide our members with the energy and vigor to continue the climb. members, click here to read the rest of the article.

Not a member? Click here to try us out for 3 Days for just $1

The One Dumbbell In-Season Program

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Just thought I’d reblog this as coaches think about what to do this fall.

Michael Boyle's Blog

I recently spoke at the USA Hockey Level 5 Coaches Symposium in Las Vegas on Designing a Program for Your Team. The basic premise was to develop a “rink-based” program that any team can follow. It is based on a previous post called The All I Need is One Dumbell Workout.

So many coaches complain about not having a weight room, not having a strength coach, not having equipment etc. My feeling is instead of complaining, find a solution. There is a quote I love that sums this up.

“Better to light one candle than to sit and curse the darkness”

The truth is you can actually get a great workout in with only one dumbbell. You can get your entire team training for less than $500 in most cases.

To start, pick a dumbbell that will be challenging for Dumbbell Rows ( challenging but, not the heaviest…

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3 Myths That Are Destroying Sports for Our Kids

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John O’Sullivan at Changing the Game Project puts out some great stuff and this piece is no exception. If you are a parent, please read this. If you are involved in youth sports please read this. If you are an administrator of a youth sports program, please share this with your parents.

The 3 Myths That Are Destroying the Youth Sports Experience for Our Kids

Hall of Famer Comes Out Against Early Specialization

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This came to me courtesy of James Leath  (@jamesleath ) but, the text is from the Hall of Fame induction speech of John Smoltz . Imagine how important John Smoltz thinks this is if he included it in the limited amount of time available to him at Cooperstown.

“Before I hand it over to the next inductee, I’d be remiss if I did not talk about Tommy John. I’ve been given an opportunity as one of the only players, the only one right now, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with Tommy John surgery. It’s an epidemic. It’s something that is affecting our game. It’s something that I thought would cost me my career, but thanks to Dr. James Andrews and all those before him, performing the surgery with such precision has caused it to be almost a false read, like a Band‑Aid you put on your arm.

I want to encourage the families and parents that are out there to understand that this is not normal to have a surgery at 14 and 15 years old, that you have time, that baseball’s not a year‑round sport, that you have an opportunity to be athletic and play other sports.

Don’t let the institutions that are out there running before you guaranteeing scholarship dollars and signing bonuses (tell you) that this is the way. We have such great, dynamic arms in our game that it’s a shame that we’re having one and two and three Tommy John recipients. So I want to encourage you if nothing else, know that your children’s passion and desire to play baseball is something that they can do without a competitive pitch. Every throw a kid makes today is a competitive pitch. They don’t go outside; they don’t have fun; they don’t throw enough. But they’re competing and maxing out too hard, too early, and that’s why we’re having these problems. So please, take care of those great future arms.”