Setting Up A Home Gym

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately.

“I want to set up a home gym or a small studio space, what do I need?

What most people do when they first get the urge to work out is go out and buy a few sets of dumbbells at a local sporting goods store. This a really short-sighted idea. If you continue to work out, you must continue to buy dumbbells as you get stronger. Eventually you have mismatched dumbbells all over the place. The answer? Powerblock adjustable dumbbells. PS-I don’t work for Powerblock.

After you get your Powerblocks, get a good quality adjustable bench. The PB Extreme equipment from Perform Better is excellent and reasonable. Don’t go cheap. Consider it an investment.

Last thing you need is some type of equipment to pull on. Even the most inexpensive pulley system can be a huge investment so think this one through. If it’s a small studio you might also want to consider a PB Extreme Half Rack. This will let you do chin-ups and mount a TRX or a set of rings. Consider some sort of mounting system for a TRX to save money.

Bottom line, you only need dumbbells, a bench and a TRX or rings to do everything you need to do.

PS- if you are a bit bigger with more strength potential, consider the 85 lb Powerblocks.


2 Responses to “Setting Up A Home Gym”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    TRX, rings etc. You are right but if I had said by a “suspension trainer” people would have been confused.

  2. TRX is grossly overpriced, and if they fail with repeated use (up high, Made In China!) you don’t get a replacement. Woss.usa sells something comparable at about 1/5 the price, Jon HInds of Monkey Bar Gym does as well, both are guaranteed for life.
    That whistling sound you hear? Any future of mine as a PerformBetter presenter, falling into the void…
    I myself made one out of Bowflex handles off Amazon ($5) and adjustable straps from REI ($10,) the straps are climber-rated, meaning Chewbacca could swing on them and they’d be fine.
    I agree that something like this is an essential first purchase for a home gym.

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