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Are Fast Food and Diabetes Linked?

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Adult onset is a disease we give we ourselves. Sadly, now it seems we can also give it to our children by making poor choices for them or, by allowing them to make poor choices.

Ballooning Diabetes Rates Highlight the High Cost of Cheap Food

Great Advice from Jeff Bezos

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This is a third hand link but, well worth the clicks. My friend Joe Bonyai tagged me on Facebbook. He got it from Either way, click and learn.


Great Advice from Jeff Bezos

Becoming a CNP

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Did you know that we have over 80 free articles on Here’s one, called Becoming a CNP

One question that seems to come up frequently on the forum is the “what certification do I need?” question.

I seem to answer this one over and over. People ask about NSCA, ACE, NASM, etc. as if the certification matters. I can tell you two things with relative certainty. 1- Clients only care that you are certified. They have no idea what the letters mean.
2- Potential employers only care if you are certified to protect them from liability.

To read the rest, just click here


Personal Trainer Certification Move Softens

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Last week we reported that Washington DC was pushing to create licensure for personal trainers. The latest update from the Washington Post indicates that the move has failed.

DC Weakens on Nations First Registry of Personal Trainers

Undulating Periodization and Load Selection

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Got a great  question via email after our Certified Functional Strength Coach course in Germany

I’m trying to set up my own peridization model that works for my clients. The problem is that I have no clue at what intensity I should program things like SLDL or RFESS.

I have data for bench, deadlift, chin-up, Over-Head-Press, and Front-Squat. Which percentage of my bench max can I use for the incline dumbell bench press for example?

What about deadlift max to SLDL? So One-Leg to Two-Legs?
Are there any good % from the big“ lifts to use for those single leg Lifts?

First off, great questions I’ll try to answer one at a time. To better understand our periodization model, read this:   Variety in Strength Training

1- Bench to dumbbell incline is the easiest. You need to remember that none of these conversions are perfect but, they work well to start. When we think bilateral to dumbbells we think 80% so for dumbbell bench press take 80 your bench rep max and divide by 2.

Example  100K x 5 in the bench press would be 40K dumbbells. ( .8×100)/2

To go from bench to incline we would again take 80% so the incline number would be 32K. Does that make sense. To make it easy you can do 64% ( 8×8) and divide by two.

2- Deadlift to SLDL and squat to RFESS won’t work as well. In a trained athlete who is experienced with the unilateral lifts there will be some relationships that work but, they will never work for beginners. Our trained athletes could split squat and front squat the same weights?

Ideally RFESS and 1 Leg SLDL will be pretty much equal but, that rarely happens. I like to start with regular split squat first using bodyweight and then progressing to the goblet position and then just use a progressive resistance approach. Think 2-4 K per week.

Hope this helps.

When In Doubt, Think Strength and Conditioning

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There is so much  great content on The Free Articles section gives you a sample. There is a ton of great stuff there.

It’s funny but, I get lots of questions about detailed stuff and often find myself saying the same thing. KISS. Keep It Simple Stu_ _ _ .

I wrote and article last year called When In Doubt, Think Strength and Conditioning. Give it a read, I moved it to free articles.


To Clean or not to Clean, That is the Question

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Great article from our free articles section on Why We Still Clean.

As I’ve said over and over, I love because it supplies me with a never-ending supply of article ideas. Recently we had a forum discussion, and then an article, on performing rack pulls versus performing hang cleans as a power development exercise. Some coaches supported the idea of using rack pulls as a substitute for hang cleans; however, at Mike Boyle Strength Conditioning, we remain “clean people”. In fact, we teach all our young athletes to Olympic lift. If you are healthy you will Olympic lift in our system.

to finish click here Why We Still Clean

Lack of Sleep Can Quadruple Your Risk of Catching a Cold

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Another great reminder from Dr. Mercola.

Lack of Sleep Can Quadruple Your Risk of Catching a Cold

10 Unhealthy Things We Think Are Good for Us

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Here are some great reminders from Dr Mercola. Yes, I know 1-2 of you will not agree with all of them but, still great reminders. I know I like a good Q-tip now and then.

10 Unhealthy Things You Think Are Good for You

Big Brother May Be Making You Get Certified?

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My friend ( and PTA) Michael Mullin sent this to me

Personal Trainer Ruling in Washington May Disrupt Fitness Industry

Wonder who is behind this? I’ll bet the big cert companies are pushing themselves. I wonder if the NSCA has a lobbyist?

Better yet, they are going to let PT’s tell us how to be trainers?