Dos’s Complete Program Design

Robert Dos Remedios is one of the best hands-on, real world coaches that I know.

Dos works in the trenches at College of the Canyons every day coaching real athletes on real programs. Although he is an author and an internet entrepreneur he has real credibility based on twenty solid years of coaching.

He has just released his new product called Complete Program Design, where he shows his strategies and templates for creating training programs. I don’t generally promote  a lot of products ( usually 2-3 a year) but, I really like Dos’s stuff.

Go here for more information:

Complete Program Design


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  1. Hey Coach Boyle, I love the wealth of knowledge you share. Thank you for all that you do.

    I’m interested in accessing Robert Dos Remedios’ ‘Complete Program Design’, but I’m unable to find a link. Could you help me with this.


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