Hypertrophy Training for Athletes

We’ve got a great thread running on our StrengthCoach.com site on Hypertrophy Training for Athletes so I thought I’d link back to the thread for site members and move an article I wrote a few years ago into our Free Articles section.

I train a lot of young athletes. These high school and college kids almost always need to gain solid weight in order to compete at a higher level. In the world of sports, hardly anyone is “big enough.” Bigger is generally better

To put it crassly, if the athletes I train don’t get bigger and stronger, I don’t make a living.

And yet, I never train athletes with the goal of producing muscle hypertrophy.

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  1. Dear Mr. Boyle,

    You are absolutely right about everything what you said.
    I am happy while read this and for sure every your article because it is amazing. -)

    Thank you

    Marko Beljaković

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