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Hypertrophy Training for Athletes

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We’ve got a great thread running on our site on Hypertrophy Training for Athletes so I thought I’d link back to the thread for site members and move an article I wrote a few years ago into our Free Articles section.

I train a lot of young athletes. These high school and college kids almost always need to gain solid weight in order to compete at a higher level. In the world of sports, hardly anyone is “big enough.” Bigger is generally better

To put it crassly, if the athletes I train don’t get bigger and stronger, I don’t make a living.

And yet, I never train athletes with the goal of producing muscle hypertrophy.

Read the rest of Hypertrophy Training for Athletes here


Working the Floor

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Although is a membership based site we like to share some really great stuff in our Free Articles section. Here’s a really good example about working the floor in a big box gym.

I just read a thread in the Business Forum that had advice that blew me away. I’m not sure how many readers visit the Business Forum so I’d thought I summarize some of our readers’ thoughts on working the floor in a commercial gym. The value in this advice is tremendous and the reality is, this is where many of us start our careers. If I’m guessing your are getting the benefit of 70-80 years of experience here.

Working the Floor


Dos’s Complete Program Design

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Robert Dos Remedios is one of the best hands-on, real world coaches that I know.

Dos works in the trenches at College of the Canyons every day coaching real athletes on real programs. Although he is an author and an internet entrepreneur he has real credibility based on twenty solid years of coaching.

He has just released his new product called Complete Program Design, where he shows his strategies and templates for creating training programs. I don’t generally promote  a lot of products ( usually 2-3 a year) but, I really like Dos’s stuff.

Go here for more information:

Complete Program Design

Were You a Member?

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I get lots of questions on Facebbok and via email and to be honest, I try to answer them all. However, in the future I’m going to try to focus more on my site.

For $14.95 a month I’ll answer your questions every day. That’s a pretty good deal? In addition, people like Alwyn Cosgrove, Charlie Weingroff and a host of others regularly chime in. Yes, $14.95 a month. I think that’s a pretty good deal. You can try it for $1 for three days but, let me warn you billing starts on day 4.

Sign up for

Single Sport Athletes Don’t Always Win

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Great piece from Tom Farrey at

Take a minute and read.

Single Sport Athletes Don’t Always Win

If You Are a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Read This.

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I just got my copy of Ron McKeeferey’s CEO Strength Coach and, it’s a must read. The book is loaded with stuff that will make you better in every facet of your life. Take a second and order a copy.

PS- there is no affiliate link. I’m not making a cent. I just want you to take advantage of Ron’s experience and the time he has taken to put it all down on paper.

Next MBSC Mentorship

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Our next MBSC Mentorship ( and probably the only one until 2016) will be October 4th – 8th. This is your only chance to spend 4 days with our staff learning our system both in the classroom and on the floor. Come and immerse yourself in MBSC for 4 days.

To register go to