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Paul Rabil on Multi-Sport Play

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How many more of these do we have to listen to before we get that early specialization DOES NOT WORK

Fast After 50?

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Great article from the Wall Street Journal, of all places, on staying fit and fast after 50.

Great read

Fast After 50

Dan John Seminar to Benefit Brendon Rearick

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Mike Ranfone ( Ranfone Training Systems) and Dan John have teamed up to put on a seminar to benefit our good friend Brendon Rearick on December 12th at Mike’s facility in Hamden Ct.

This is a great opportunity to hear a great speaker and, support a great cause.

Mike Boyle Seminar December 12th in Providence, RI.

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This summer I read Simon’s Senek’s book Start With Why. The book began a thought process that will become a full day seminar on Saturday December 12.

From 8 AM- 3:30 PM I’m going to explore the “whys” behind the MBSC programming.

Think about “why do we stretch”, “why do we roll”, “why do we do the lifts we do”. Most seminars focus far too much on what we are going to do and far too little on why we do it.

In addition I’m going to cover “how” we construct a program.  We’ll take an in-depth look at the periodization scheme that has allowed MBSC to flourish for almost twenty years.

There are only 50 seats available and we anticipate a rapid sellout so please reserve your spot early. A dozen spots are already gone and there has been very little advertising.

To register click here.

In Season Training- Something is Better Than Nothing

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Thought I’d move this to the Free Articles section of as we get to the end of the fall season. So many coaches complain about not being able to get lifts done in season. It’s much easier than you think.

In- Season Training- Something is Better Than Nothing

How Strong is Strong?

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This is one of my favorite articles…

It’s interesting, ask a strength coach what a good bench press is for a 200 lb male and chances are you’ll get a good answer. Maybe everyone won’t be in agreement but, everyone will have an opinion. Ask a good strength coach what constitutes good single leg strength or good vertical pulling strength and I don’t think you’ll get the same level of agreement or, if everyone will even have an answer. The answer might even be something like “what do you mean?” Last spring and summer I set out to answer both questions. How much single leg strength and upper back strength are actually possible? I think if you are going to train, you need a goal. If we are going to train for strength, we need to know what strong is. The four-minute mile is a great example. In 1957 Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile. On that day he broke a twelve year old record. By the end of 1957 sixteen runners had also broken the four-minute mile. It’s amazing what someone will do once they have seen that it is possible. Twelve years to break the record and sixteen followers in one year. My goal is to raise the bar on both single leg strength and upper back strength by telling the strength and conditioning world how strong strong might be….

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Great Blog Post from James Leath on Getting to Know Your New Team

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James writes some great stuff. If you coach take a minute and read this.

Getting to Know Your New team