Mike Boyle Seminar December 12th in Providence, RI.

This summer I read Simon’s Senek’s book Start With Why. The book began a thought process that will become a full day seminar on Saturday December 12.

From 8 AM- 3:30 PM I’m going to explore the “whys” behind the MBSC programming.

Think about “why do we stretch”, “why do we roll”, “why do we do the lifts we do”. Most seminars focus far too much on what we are going to do and far too little on why we do it.

In addition I’m going to cover “how” we construct a program.  We’ll take an in-depth look at the periodization scheme that has allowed MBSC to flourish for almost twenty years.

There are only 50 seats available and we anticipate a rapid sellout so please reserve your spot early. A dozen spots are already gone and there has been very little advertising.

To register click here.


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Yes, it will be sold as Functional Strength Coach 6

  2. Tammie Thornton Says:

    This sounds interesting. Will it be available on a podcast or video at some stage?

    Thanks Tammie

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