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Jacob deGrom Didn’t Specialize

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As I watched Jacob deGrom last night I asked myself “who is this kid”?

I’m so glad I did a little research as we see again that specialization is not necessary.

A few things about Jacob deGrom from Wikipedia:

  • Not drafted out of high school
  • Played exclusively at shortstop his freshman and sophomore seasons in college
  • First pitched as junior reliever in 2009
  • That year continued to play short and close

So for all you moms and dads running little Johnnie off to his pitching lesson, take a breath.

PS- John Lackey also did not pitch until he got to PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL. To busy playing quarterback in football.

More on Recessed Slideboards

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Here’s a good picture of our recessed boards at MBSC.Slideboards_Recessed

Another Great Inspirational Story

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I love these stories and I love to share them with my athletes. Many talented kids lose track of how luck they are.

Great Inspirational Video- Click Here.

Avoid Soda!

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Great article from the Mercola site on avoiding soda’s.

Now what do companies like Pepsico and Coca-Cola do? They sell you bottled tap water. Brilliant.

Facility Design Hints- Recessed Slideboards

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I stole this idea from my friend Brandon Marcello. When Brandon was at Stanford one of the features I loved in his facility were the slideboards that had been recessed into the floor. No more piling plates to keep aging slideboards from moving. We did this last year at MBSC but, Brandon took his a step further and not only recessed his but, was able to recess them deep enough so he could place flooring over them when not in use. If you look closely at the picture you’ll see the cover strip just to the right of the coaches feet. Pretty smart.



Facility Design Hints

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Are you planning a new facility? Yesterday I got a question from a friend just getting ready to put the finishing touches on a new facility plan. The basic question was “Tell us what we might overlook?”

Here’s the list I sent him:

Ceiling fans like the Big Ass Fan ( really awesome)
Electrical outlets every 10-12 feet ( we have very few in our MBSC facility and often need them)
Rubber flooring wrapped up the wall 24″ in case you lean plates on the wall.
Mirrors 24″ off the floor ( again in case you lean plates)
Platforms built into the flooring, not raised.
Lots of masonry wall for throwing ( architects like to fur out and sheetrock.)
As much ceiling height as attainable
“Daylight” quality lighting. ( our architects at BU gave a a dark dingy space when we asked for bright)
Slideboards recessed into the floor ( see Brandon’s Stanford idea, w/ covers)

Also from an equipment standpoint make sure you get an MVP Shuttle and a Pilates Reformer. Two rehab musts that we often overlook.

Did you know that if you join you get my Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities as a free download?  You also get a free download of Advances in Functional Training? Take a look.

30 Books That Will Make You a Better Coach

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Terry Condon was nice enough to post this list of 30 Books That Will Make You a Better Coach. How many have you read. I’m only at 10.


20 Things I Know

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I wrote 20 Things I Know in 2007, scary that was almost nine years ago. I made a few very small edits and it is now stored in the Free Articles section of our site.

Like Dan John, I’ve been in the game for coming up on three decades. I’ve actually been lifting weights or teaching others to lift weights (in case you’ve seen me lately) for over thirty years. In fact, I’ve worked at Boston University in one capacity or another for as long as Eric Cressey has been alive.

to read more, click here…

One Simple Way to Get Ahead

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I was really flattered yesterday to read this post from my friend Vince Gabrielle. It shows the power of relationships and simple conversations. Vince simply asked if I had a few minutes to talk. The results of these simple conversations continue to amaze me.

1 Simple Way to Get Ahead

Employees- Salary, Hourly, or Contractors

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This was a really good forum discussion that turned into a short article. If you are paying your employees as contractors ( or getting paid as a contractor) you could have serious tax trouble.

Employees- Hourly, Salary or Contractor?