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A Saturday at Automobile University

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I drove five hours from Boston to Syracuse New York to watch my daughter play hockey yesterday and got smarter in the process. I listened to Episode 172 of The StrengthCoach Podcast with Sean Skahan and Chris Chase  and the latest episode of Ron McKeefery’s Iron Game Chalk Talk with Ed Cosner. Time flies when you’re getting smarter.

The Ultimate Gift for Hockey Dads

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This is a great idea for Christmas


More Facility Ideas

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If you follow this space you know that the past week we’ve been discussing facility design.

Couple more good suggestions:

  • If you are going to buy one of something ( unless you intend to use it for rehab), you have to have three. One of anything creates bottlenecks and lines. That is why we don’t have things like glute hams and reverse hypers. Too much space required for not enough use.
  • Portable glute hams are a good idea ( Perform Better sells these and you can stack them in a corner)
  • Wifi, wifi, wifi. Make sure your wifi is solid or your expensive technology won’t work
  • Sound system. Music is a pain in the a _ _. Make sure your sound system is good and have a music plan. Our policy is no obscenity and no reference to race or sex with family members ( take a minute and figure out the words that prevents from being played)

PS- If you join you get my Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities as a free bonus.

Jacob deGrom Didn’t Specialize

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As I watched Jacob deGrom last night I asked myself “who is this kid”?

I’m so glad I did a little research as we see again that specialization is not necessary.

A few things about Jacob deGrom from Wikipedia:

  • Not drafted out of high school
  • Played exclusively at shortstop his freshman and sophomore seasons in college
  • First pitched as junior reliever in 2009
  • That year continued to play short and close

So for all you moms and dads running little Johnnie off to his pitching lesson, take a breath.

PS- John Lackey also did not pitch until he got to PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL. To busy playing quarterback in football.

More on Recessed Slideboards

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Here’s a good picture of our recessed boards at MBSC.Slideboards_Recessed

Another Great Inspirational Story

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I love these stories and I love to share them with my athletes. Many talented kids lose track of how luck they are.

Great Inspirational Video- Click Here.

Avoid Soda!

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Great article from the Mercola site on avoiding soda’s.

Now what do companies like Pepsico and Coca-Cola do? They sell you bottled tap water. Brilliant.