Some Thoughts on Single Leg Training

I think I wrote this ten years ago and if you read it, it predicted the future a bit.

I just aded this to the Free Articles section of our site.

First let me start with a confession. I’m a thief. I regularly steal information. In fact, I think stealing and cheating are great coaching techniques. I like to say in my seminars that they should teach cheating in school. It’s the key to success later in life. They should sit you down and say, “OK, look around the room. Figure out who you think will do well in this class and sit next to them”. This would be a great life lesson. Some call it modeling successful behavior. I just call it what it is, cheating. With that being said, I’m also an equal opportunity cheat. I steal from people that I like and from people that I don’t like. During my long career I have stolen from some of the best in the business. Charles Poliquin, Gary Cook, Mike Clark, Paul Chek, Mark Verstegen. I’ve stolen from every one of them. You know what’s even better, it’s all legal. Intelligent people call it research or gathering information. Really, why think outside the box when you can just look in someone else’s box?

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