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Why You Should Take Supplements

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2016 by mboyle1959

If we aren’t careful at some point drugs will be legal and vitamins will be regulated. I know this sounds crazy but, as I have often said

“there is no money in health, only in disease”

This is a great article from the Mercola site that highlights The Vitamin Movie.

The Benefits of Vitamins

I wrote a post a few years ago saying everyone should supplement Vit D, fish oil and fiber. In my case, I take 17 pills and capsules every AM. I down them with a protein shake that has Barleans Chocolate Greens Powder, ground flax seed, and some additional fiber.

My list incudes:

Mercola Probiotics ( 2)

Fish Oil ( 4 capsules)

Vit D3 ( 2 softgels)

Occuvite ( 1)

JuicePlus ( 4)

Glucosamine/ Chondroitin ( 2)

Super Beta Prostate ( 2)

A long list, yes, but at 56 I feel pretty good and, take no prescription drugs.

Watch our for the government. They are coming to take your vitamins.