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The Truth About Achieving Excellence

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This comes from Daniel Ally, courtesy of Success Magazine

On Becoming a Master….

One time, a fine pianist performed at a party. After she was done, a woman from the party said to the virtuoso, “I’d give anything to play as you do.” As the master pianist sipped her coffee in slow motion, she took a brief pause and said, “Oh no you wouldn’t.” Soon, a great hush filled the room as they were baffled in astonishment and massive confusion.

She continued, “You’d give anything to play as I do, except time. You wouldn’t sit and practice, hour after hour, day after day, year after years.” Then she flashed a warm smile while repositioning her coffee cup. “Please understand, I’m not criticizing,” she said. “I’m just telling you that when you say you’d give anything to play as I do, you don’t really mean it. You really don’t mean it at all.”

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I used to ask all my Boston University players “who will do anything to play in the NHL”? They all raised theirs hands. I’d then tell them that 80% of them were liars. Once I explained that “anything” meant a reduced social life, less alcohol and an early breakfast every day many went from raised hands to sheepish looks.



The Dangers of Junk Food

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A great Mercola article that no one can argue with.

The Dangers of Junk Food

Does It Hurt?

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I can’t tell you how many times I say the same thing. People ask “should I do ____?”

I always answer Does It Hurt?

This might be my favorite article I’ve ever written.

Does It Hurt?


Throwback Thursday- Plyometric Training

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I can’t believe this was 2005?

Click here to see a whole series of  Plyometric Videos


ThrowBack Thursday- 10,000 Hours and the 4 Hour Workweek

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This video is from a talk I did called Fitness Millions. Not sure the year but might be 10 years ago now.

My apologies to Tim Ferris.

7 Domestic Factors That Can Make of Break Your Health

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This is another great article from ( I know, some of you don’t like him, get over it)

I’m really scared of all the chemicals in our houses.

7 Domestic Factors That Can Make or Break Your Health

Unilateral Plyometrics in a Rehab Setting

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No lower extremity rehab process is complete until the athlete or client can control eccentric actions on a single leg. Unfortunately, the process of getting an athlete to take off and land on one leg can be a difficult one. Frequently athletes are cleared to participate in sports who have not done any single leg plyometric activities.

In order to truly understand lower extremity rehab it is important to understand the difference between unilateral take offs and landings and bilateral takeoffs and landings. It is also important to understand that running is a just series of unilateral takeoffs and landings.

In rehab settings, unilateral strength exercises like step ups, step downs and various types of single leg squats are widely performed and widely accepted. However, the process of extending or expanding the rehab into the area of eccentric strength and power is more difficult and probably given less consideration.

To further clarify, think of eccentric strength as the braking system. Any client who has experienced a lower body injury or who is returning from a lower body surgery must be able to land effectively to avoid re-injury.

These landings take three forms:

Jumps- a double leg take off followed by a double leg landing

Hops- a single leg take off followed by a landing on the same limb

Bounds- a single leg take off followed by a landing on the opposite limb

What becomes difficult for therapists and athletic trainers is figuring out how to gradually return an athlete to jumping, hopping and bounding as a sequential part of the rehab process. Unfortunately in most rehab settings bodyweight is a constant that must be accounted for.

In order to counter the effect of bodyweight we utilize equipment like the MVP Shuttle and Total Gym Jump Trainer. Both pieces allow athletes to jump and eventually hop with loads that are less than bodyweight. With both pieces we are able to add velocity and a graduated eccentric load.


If you are involved in lower extremity rehab one or both of these pieces becomes a “must have” in your clinical setting. The great thing about both pieces is that you can work towards bodyweight jumps and hops in a very gradual way in conjunction with your lower body, strength oriented, rehab progressions.

It is important to remember that in sport what goes up, must come down and that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The patella-femoral issues we see so often in rehab are very likely caused, at least in part, by our inability to properly develop the essential braking system. Remember, restoring the ability of the system to move from zero to sixty is inconsequential when there is no braking system.

If your job is rehab, you owe it to yourself and your athletes to take the time to experiment with both the MVP Shuttle and the Total Gym Jump Trainer.


Athlete Social Media Agreement

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This is a great idea from the Positive Coaching Alliance. All athletes and all teams should have to sign these.

Student Athlete Social Media Agreement

I think dealing with social media ( including texting, group messages etc.) is the great uncharted water of the new era of coaching.


Throwback Thursday

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Stuff like Throwback Thursday is definitely one of the fun parts of social media.

Check out this clip from my first “tape”. Yes, you could get Explosive Power Development for Hockey on VHS in the 80’s.

A Letter from Inner City Weightlifting

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Dear ICW Supporter,

Our brains are wired to quickly categorize people and situations to help us navigate a complex, and at times, dangerous world. For example, if we see a group of young people standing together in a so called “rough” area of a city, who look different, dress different, have years of trauma expressed in their eyes, most will cross the street to avoid them. Our instincts are powerful and clear on this point: there’s a threat to our safety.

But, what happens if our most fundamental instincts are wrong? What if young people involved in gangs are not a threat to our social fabric, but rather a potential source of community strength, what if they are the people who can bring us together? What if we should be working not to avoid, or to neutralize, but instead to engage as future leaders, as fellow community members, as friends?

Over the last year we began research into the system that leads to street violence:

Individuals like myself are born into a family/community with connections and opportunity. Almost without thinking, we go to school, that’s where our friends are, that’s what we’re told to do. We then leverage an education to find a meaningful career. We start a family – born into the same network of opportunity. Our students, however, are born into families/communities that are segregated and isolated. Unlike myself, they need to worry about shelter, food, clothes. They go to the streets. That’s where their friends are, that’s how they provide. Rather than leveraging an education to find a meaningful career, they find themselves in jail. They start a family – born into the same segregation and isolation.

Segregation and isolation are at the root of this system. It’s what creates the need for the streets, which then creates a perception of “rough areas” where we’re told not to go. Thus, leading to more segregation and isolation, and leading to more violence and inequality.

We can, however, disrupt this system of segregation through inclusion, hope and opportunity. In fact, in response to trust, hope, inclusion, and economic mobility, in that order, we have seen a population nearly 100% likely to go back to jail, drop to less than 15% in response to those 4 pillars.

This is what happens at ICW, and by training with us, you get to be a part of the solution, all while getting an incredible service.

In the last year, we’ve seen our student numbers grow to over 160, we opened a second site in Kendall Square and of the students training there, their average monthly incomes jumped from $600/month to over $2,000!

A group of marketing experts at Arnold Worldwide found that when it comes to combining fitness and philanthropy, ICW is a “category of 1.”

We encourage you to be a part of this impact, to help us spread the word and get others involved by coming to our gyms.

If you’re interested in our training services, or to sign your company up for our onsite corporate training services, contact:

To make a contribution, please click here.

Thank you for all your support, and we hope to see you in the gym soon!


Jon Feinman, MBA
Founder and CEO
InnerCity Weightlifting