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Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat vs Back Squat?

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Although the results of this study have been posted before this article does a nice job breaking things down.

The funny thing is now the squat people are trying to paint the RFESS as dangerous ( damages the pelvic ring?). This seems to be a a totally unfounded Hail Mary pass as the results pile up.

Here’s 2 time Olympian Meghan Duggan with 160×10

PS- we have next to zero injury issues with RFESS vs, about 20% on average with back squats.



April Mentorship

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We’ve got our first MBSC Mentorship of the year coming up in April. If you’d like to spend  week immersed in our system, click here


Can Exercise Inhibit Cancer?

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This is a great article that not only gives hope but make a great case for exercise. Even if there is a chance that exercise can slow or prevent cancer, that is a great reason to get to work today!

Sloan Kettering’s Quest to Prove Exercise Can Inhibit Cancer

Throwback Thursday

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Here’s a great one for Throwback Thursday. I’ve always liked the MVP Shuttle. We now also have a Total Gym Jump Trainer which is also a great piece with very similar applications. However I wanted to give you guys a mid-nineties laugh. Can’t tell you the exact year but, it’s between 1991 and 1999. I only know that because those were the years I worked for the Bruins.



Is Training for the Combine Cheating?

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In 1995 I helped Boston College defensive end Mike Mamula turn in one of the best NFL Combine performances in NFL history. Seems someone writes an article about it every year. Here’s this years…

Coach Behind Mike Mamula’s NFL Combine Fame “Hired to do a job”?

Training to Bench Press 225

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It’s Combine Week so I decided to post some Combine specific stuff I’d written for

Looking to improve your performance at the 225 test or, training and athlete who is?

Training to Bench Press 225