Coaching is the Key

I had to post this piece from Pat Rigsby today. He hits the nail on the head.

More than anything else, coaching is your difference maker.

It’s not equipment – anyone can go and stock a facility with equipment.

And in spite of what many want to believe – it’s not knowledge either.

Sure, that matters…without a doubt. Your clients won’t know what you know…but the information is available to your clients that if they want enough knowledge to yield the results they want…they can get it.

No, the one thing that big box clubs stuffed with equipment won’t ever match you in…the one area that buying infoproducts and books can’t ever compete…is coaching.

You can bring out the best in people.

You can help them achieve things they would never do on their own.



Problem solving.

Personal attention.

These are things that 99% of of the fitness solutions out there will never provide.

Yes, 99%. That number seems high doesn’t it?

It’s high because most fitness professionals settle for hosting workouts and passing along information. They’ve settled for being little more than the group exercise class at the local YMCA.

But the shortcomings of most is your gain if you want it to be.

You can be that person who helps people become the best version of themselves.

You can be the person who coaches someone to unlock their true potential…potential that they likely didn’t even realize they had.

You just have to be willing to do what most won’t do…truly coach.

I’ve been coaching since 1993 (yes, it’s been a while) and I’ve studied countless things to get better…I’ve read books on leadership and biographies of great coaches. I’ve attended seminars and conferences. I’ve sought out great coaches to learn directly from them.

And while the goals my clients have these days are different than the goals your clients have in most cases, coaching is still coaching.

In fact – I’d attribute my business success to relationships and coaching – that’s pretty much it.

Sure – I am always trying to get better at tactical stuff and develop my knowledge in a number of areas…but I know that most people offering business coaching, licenses and franchises in our industry are more like the equivalent of folks delivering workouts or big box clubs…so my competitive advantage is the same as yours…


It’s our edge.

Don’t overlook it…build on it and create so much distance between yourself and the competition that they’ll never be able to close the gap.

That’s my plan 🙂

Dedicated to Your Success,



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