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25 Random Things About Me

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This article is another from our Free Articles section at A recent post by Todd Hamer made me think of it and repost it. It was written 6 years ago but very little has changed.

25 Random Things About Me

I have a confession to make. I’m on Facebook. I know, Mike Boyle on Facebook, aren’t I a little old? I started using Facebook because someone said it would be good for business as a way to connect with old clients. In fact, we had a Boyle’s Alum page that our athletes set up on their own. Truth is, they were right. Even better, I’ve connected with a bunch of former athletes from BU. Two weeks ago I read something a friend had written that has become a viral topic on Facebook called Twenty Five Random Things About Me. I wrote my own and posted them to my Facebook page and to my blog then decided to share them with you guys also. Here goes.

1- My wife is my best friend.

2- I thought I loved my dog until my first child was born.

3- I’m beginning to believe in Karma. I think the more you give the more you get.

4- I might be one of the luckiest people in the world.

5- My father is in the Boston University Athletic Hall of Fame.

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25 Random Things About Me



Maybe Texting is a Blessing in Disguise?

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Give this a read?

Latest Radio Frequency Study Adds Credibility to Concerns About Cell Phone Hazards

Do Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats Cause Back Pain?

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I just got back from speaking at the Perform Better Summit in Orlando.  Before my talks I took in Stuart McGill’s talk ( he is always one of my favorites and has greatly influenced me).

Recently Dr McGill has been vocal about Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats potentially causing back pain, particularly SI joint pain and as he calls it “pelvic ring” disruption.

We probably use the rear foot elevated split squat as much as anyone and, have not had any increase in SI joint pain or back pain in general. In fact, we switched to the split squat variations in response to back pain from heavy back and front squats. ( to finish reading, click here…)


FMS Releases Enhanced Level 1 Online Course

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Just FYI, Functional Movement Systems has released an updated version of its original Level 1 course that is now available online. Course enhancements include upgraded, modernized video segments and demonstrations, as well as a more detailed look at each screen test.

FMS Co-Founder, Dr. Lee Burton, states, “The updated FMS Level 1 online course offers Gray Cook’s unique perspective on why it has become so important to understand and capture fundamental movements. Over the years, we’ve analyzed feedback to fine tune and better convey our philosophy, message,and movement principles. We cover the system behind interpreting scoring results and how it affects your exercise design and programming. Ultimately, the new FMS online course will make you a more effective training professional and lays the groundwork for corrective exercise application. The most exciting aspect is that you can now study Level 1 anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365. It’s there for you from the convenience of your own home, training facility, or wherever life’s adventures take you.”

For more information about FMS Level 1 online course and additional upcoming course enhancements, visit functional


For more information, contact:
Melissa Laughlin, Director of Business Development
Functional Movement Systems
Functional Movement Systems is a company with a mission to help people move better and then move often. The philosophy was introduced in 1995, at a time when there was no systematic tool to identify movement asymmetries or major limitations in functional movement patterns.

The system promotes collaboration between performance and rehabilitation professionals through the use of two tools – the Functional Movement Screen™ and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment™. Both tools evaluate movement but are separated by a clear distinct marker. That marker is pain. If movement produces pain, the individual would be sent through SFMA. If pain is not present, then the FMS is the appropriate tool. To learn more, visit functional

Don’t Take Antibiotics You Don’t Need!

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Antibiotics are overused in humans and the scary part is that we use more on animals.

Please read this ( and buy Purdue Chicken)

The 50 Year Cover Up Killing Millions

Eat Wild Caught Fish

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I’m sure one of nutrition policemen will find some fault with this but I think you should try to avoid farm raised fish. It just doesn’t seem right?

How Fish Farms Destroy the EcoSystem and Damage Your Health

Training the Overweight Client

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Another good one from the Free Articles section

I can’t believe I wrote this in 2010. Time flies.

Training obese clients represents a series of truly unique challenges. Within these challenges lie great business prospects and opportunities to change lives. However, to succeed trainers need to put a large amount of thought into the process of dealing with an overweight client. Unfortunately as Ben Franklin noted “common sense is not very common”. We constantly see trainers making recommendations for overweight clients that are both dangerous and foolish.
Luckily, as in so many situations, if you look for the answers, they become obvious. If trainers simply copy the foolishness they see on TV they are only going to make mistakes, injure clients and lose clients. The people that produce shows like The Biggest Loser are a huge part of the problem. What is done to the poor people on the show in the name of health and fitness borders on criminal negligence. The worst part is that current and future trainers watch the show and think that abusing and belittling clients actually works.

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Training the Overweight Client

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