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Training the Overweight Client

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Another good one from the Free Articles section

I can’t believe I wrote this in 2010. Time flies.

Training obese clients represents a series of truly unique challenges. Within these challenges lie great business prospects and opportunities to change lives. However, to succeed trainers need to put a large amount of thought into the process of dealing with an overweight client. Unfortunately as Ben Franklin noted “common sense is not very common”. We constantly see trainers making recommendations for overweight clients that are both dangerous and foolish.
Luckily, as in so many situations, if you look for the answers, they become obvious. If trainers simply copy the foolishness they see on TV they are only going to make mistakes, injure clients and lose clients. The people that produce shows like The Biggest Loser are a huge part of the problem. What is done to the poor people on the show in the name of health and fitness borders on criminal negligence. The worst part is that current and future trainers watch the show and think that abusing and belittling clients actually works.

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Training the Overweight Client

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