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FMS Releases Enhanced Level 1 Online Course

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Just FYI, Functional Movement Systems has released an updated version of its original Level 1 course that is now available online. Course enhancements include upgraded, modernized video segments and demonstrations, as well as a more detailed look at each screen test.

FMS Co-Founder, Dr. Lee Burton, states, “The updated FMS Level 1 online course offers Gray Cook’s unique perspective on why it has become so important to understand and capture fundamental movements. Over the years, we’ve analyzed feedback to fine tune and better convey our philosophy, message,and movement principles. We cover the system behind interpreting scoring results and how it affects your exercise design and programming. Ultimately, the new FMS online course will make you a more effective training professional and lays the groundwork for corrective exercise application. The most exciting aspect is that you can now study Level 1 anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365. It’s there for you from the convenience of your own home, training facility, or wherever life’s adventures take you.”

For more information about FMS Level 1 online course and additional upcoming course enhancements, visit functional


For more information, contact:
Melissa Laughlin, Director of Business Development
Functional Movement Systems
Functional Movement Systems is a company with a mission to help people move better and then move often. The philosophy was introduced in 1995, at a time when there was no systematic tool to identify movement asymmetries or major limitations in functional movement patterns.

The system promotes collaboration between performance and rehabilitation professionals through the use of two tools – the Functional Movement Screen™ and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment™. Both tools evaluate movement but are separated by a clear distinct marker. That marker is pain. If movement produces pain, the individual would be sent through SFMA. If pain is not present, then the FMS is the appropriate tool. To learn more, visit functional