Static Stretching

I love when I get questions from readers of New Functional Training for Sports.


It’s exciting to know that the book is making people think. I received a few questions about static stretching and, thought I’d answer them here.

Q- New studies are coming out about static stretching. Some say 30 sec and less is beneficial however over 60 sec is detrimental, please elaborate if you agree or disagree?

A- We rarely hold a stretch longer then 30 seconds so I’m not sure it matters in our case. One thing I know is that the research will keep changing. The other thing I know is that stretching helps to prevent injury.

Q- As a staff we are wondering how you incorporate static stretching and foam rolling prior to exercise into your program?

A- On pages 46 and 47 I outline it. Everybody rolls as a group first, then stretches, then performs a dynamic warm-up sequence.

Q- How long do you hold the static stretch?

A- Probably about 10-15 sec in each position. We try to think breathes these days so two to three breathes.

Q- Do you go after numerous muscle groups (static stretching, foam rolling) before each session? or just pick one major muscle group to go after that day?

A- We try to roll and stretch all the major muscles groups. Rolling tends to focus on the backside ( think about the creep concept discussed on page 41). Stretching focuses on lower body making sure we hit adductors, hip flexors, hip rotators, and lateral hamstrings. ( pg 47)

Q- Do you still static stretch and foam roll post exercise?

We don’t discourage it but, it’s not formal. Pre-workout is formal and mandatory.

Hope this helps. If you want to ask questions every day think about a membership. I answer questions every day there.


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