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Another Podcast Link

Posted in Uncategorized on March 30, 2017 by mboyle1959

I like Podcasts. The StrengthCoach Podcast has made Anthony Renna a famous voice.

They are also a great way to get info out, and to not so subtly push my new book.

Here’s a link to one I did a few weeks ago with Pete McCall on his All About Fitness Podcast


If You Have Advances in Functional Training, Do You Need Mike Boyle’s New Functional Training for Sports?

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Here’s a great review from Laree Draper, the publisher of Advances in Functional Training

comparing and contrasting it with New Functional Training for Sports.


More on the Foam Rolling Controversy

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I got involved in a Twitter thread on foam rolling this week and, just couldn’t get my thoughts into 140 characters. So, I wrote this:


Lets start with this. At MBSC we foam roll. Every day. Not for hours, for minutes, but we do it every day.

There might be a few exceptions.

I’m not big on young kids ( U12) rolling. I think their lack of “mileage” means that rolling can be a waste of time. No build-up of micro-trauma, no real need for foam rolling.

If people aren’t sore, they probably don’t need to roll. But, come on, who’s not sore?

to finish reading, click here. More on The Foam Rolling Controversy 

My Latest Read

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I absolutely love Most Likely to Succeed . This is the most engaged I’ve been in a book in quite a while.

Here’s a great jacket quote from Daniel Pink that sums up the book…

” Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith want us to stop thinking about success for our children in terms of test scores and start concentrating on real learning, creative problem solving and the joy of discovery… Most Likely to Succeed is a book for everyone interested in seeing our children thrive in the 21st century”.


Dumbbell Snatch Standards?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2017 by mboyle1959

Got a great question from a reader/ viewer in Canada.

Q- Really enjoying the FSC video series as well as the latest edition of Functional Training for Sports‎. Just one quick question regarding strength standards. Your hang clean standard for female athletes is 90% of BW for 5 reps. ( basically 135 x5 for a 150 lb player or 60K x5 for a 70K female)

For a variety of reasons we are using DB snatches. Adjusting for bilateral deficit , would it be unreasonable to set the DB Snatch standard at 60% of BW x 5/5 or is that a bit high for incoming varsity hockey players?

A- 60% is going to be high? Our stronger girls who can clean 135 lbs. x5 use  50-60 lbs in the dumbbell snatch. That’s probably about 30-33% of bodyweight?

If clean is 90% of bodyweight x5 , bar snatch would be about 45-50% of bodyweight for 5 reps. That would make db snatch about 25-30%