Dumbbell Snatch Standards?

Got a great question from a reader/ viewer in Canada.

Q- Really enjoying the FSC video series as well as the latest edition of Functional Training for Sports‎. Just one quick question regarding strength standards. Your hang clean standard for female athletes is 90% of BW for 5 reps. ( basically 135 x5 for a 150 lb player or 60K x5 for a 70K female)

For a variety of reasons we are using DB snatches. Adjusting for bilateral deficit , would it be unreasonable to set the DB Snatch standard at 60% of BW x 5/5 or is that a bit high for incoming varsity hockey players?

A- 60% is going to be high? Our stronger girls who can clean 135 lbs. x5 use  50-60 lbs in the dumbbell snatch. That’s probably about 30-33% of bodyweight?

If clean is 90% of bodyweight x5 , bar snatch would be about 45-50% of bodyweight for 5 reps. That would make db snatch about 25-30%


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