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Complete Sports Conditioning

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So, here’s what happened…
Pat Beith from Athletes Acceleration originally asked me who the go-to coach was when it came to sports conditioning…it was a good question and I didn’t have a great answer. 
Pat came back and said he had approached other top coaches and asked them the same question. They answered with my name (which surprised me a little bit). Then he asked me if I would create a total conditioning program for athletes, since there isn’t a great resource out there and he thought it was needed in our industry.
I thought about it and actually became excited about putting a program together. 
I have spoken many times on conditioning and have tried lots of  ‘conditioning’ options with our athletes in a variety of sports. Also, I realized just how important this information is to get out there to other coaches.
So that’s how this program came about. It became a much bigger project than I expected. I spent days just putting the lecture slides together. 
I am thrilled how Complete Sports Conditioning came out and I am sure you will be happy too.
My goal was to clear up the confusion and provide coaches with the perfect conditioning program that will fit their needs. I believe I accomplished this goal.
Please check out my Complete Sports Conditioning program (and save $100 with this special release price offer). All the details are here:

Nice Article about Amanda Kimball and UConn Women’s Basketball

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I loved this article but, not it’s title? I hope coaches read it and then realize that the “running” is basketball practice more than anything else.