Complete Sports Conditioning- Last Day for Discount

OK, today is the last day.

Earlier this week, my new course, Complete Sports Conditioning came out!
I know you’ve been bombarded by emails so, sorry for one more post.
However, there is little quality information available on the internet about real-world conditioning for athletes but, there are a lot of gimmicks, misinformation and training methods being called ‘conditioning’ . I found it surprising how much conflicting information was out there and also how there wasn’t a go-to resource on conditioning.
So, I was “coerced” into making a product that addressed a lot of the shortcomings.
I have repeatedly experimented with my own athletes (in every sport), and took that information and tried to create and describe the most effective system that would get the best results.
You can check out the details here:

The Complete Sports Conditioning program will show you…

  • How you actually assess conditioning
  • What I think the best conditioning tests actually are
  • How to improve conditioning & fitness levels…without losing speed
  • What it really means to have great conditioning
  • How to make your athletes better through conditioning while your competition simply makes them tired
  • What sort of training methods elicit the conditioning results you are looking for
  • How to optimize your conditioning programming for each specific sport
  • Why much of what has been taught recently about conditioning is complicated and wrong…and how you can simplify things and get even better results.
If you work with athletes and want to improve their conditioning, Check this out (and save $100 during the special release). This special offer ends tonight, Friday April 7th: 

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