Are You a ” Boyle Guy”?

I love to hear it when someone describes themselves as a “Boyle guy”. In 2012 Kevin Neeld wrote one of the most flattering pieces anyone has ever written about me:

What It Means to Be a Boyle Guy

I didn’t link to this so you can realize what a great guy I am, I’m linking to it as a reminder that if you are or ever have been a Boyle guy than you owe it to yourself to not only keep learning but, to keep helping others.

On my site I can actually see the names of the people that are on the site at any given time on the bottom of my screen. I love when an old interns name pops up.

I’ll be honest, is the place where “Boyle guys” can and should hang out. The opportunity to learn from each other and, to help one another is there for all of us every day.

If you really are a Boyle guy, you owe it to the next young kid to be on the site sharing your experiences.

That’s what we do. We help each other with no expectation of anything in return. The return is the respect you gain from your peers when you give of your time freely, even though we all know time is limited.


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