Favorite New Book

We just got done reading Most Likely to Succeed as a staff and, I have to tell you that it was my favorite book of the year. I find myself talking about the concepts every chance I get.


Here’s just a few samples of quotes from a book that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about education.

“in todays world there is no longer a competitive advantage to knowing more than the person next to you because knowledge has become a commodity available to all at the swipe of a finger” p 20

“ Imagine if we relied on our schools to teach kids how to ride bikes. Teachers would lecture and assign reading from bicycle textbooks. Students would stay up late memorizing the various components of a bike. They would be marked down on tests- and lose self confidence for failing to spell derailleur. Some students would excel. Others would struggle. None would ever ride a bike”  p28

Give Most Likely to Succeed a read.



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