Mobility for Strength?

I’m spending a week at the lovely Arizona Grand Hotel just outside Phoenix. What a week. Visited EXOS, met Stuart McMillan and a bunch of the Altis guys, and got to have a nice dinner with Mark and Amy Verstegen.

All this on top of getting to spend a week in the sun and at the pool with my wife and kids.

But, what does this have to do with mobility and strength? Good question.

In 2011 I filmed Functional Strength Coach 4 at the Arizona Grand and met Mike Baltren and Max Shank.  Mike and Max had just founded Ambition Athletics in Encinitas, Ca. and came out for the seminar.

I actually knew Max from this Youtube clip. He and Ben Bruno are the two strongest guys I have ever seen pound for pound.

So, when a guy like Max says this:

Like many, I used to believe that mobility work was a waste of time, and even once bought into the nonsense that doing mobility training would make me weaker.

I am here to tell you that I was WRONG. Dead wrong. Wrongity, wrong, wrong.

Not only did ignoring mobility training leave me battered and torn up, I started to actually get weaker. My lifts went down, and the number of exercises I could do pain-free also went down. I was at least smart enough to not do exercises that hurt me, but I was losing options–FAST.

Well, I listened. Max has done a great job with his Five Minute Flow series and How Mobility Made me Stronger.

I love when guys realize that it’s not just about how much weight you lift. Yes, we were all young and invincible once but, trust me, it doesn’t last forever. Mileage adds up. Let Max help you slow down the mileage.

To check out How Mobility Made Me Stronger, click here.


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