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I’ve been getting a couple of pretty consistent questions from my Complete Sports Conditioning product so, I figured a blog post might reach more people.
Q- You said in the lecture that heart rate based conditioning may be superior to time based conditioning when performing intervals. On paper that sounds good, but the video demonstrated some of the flaws of a heart rate based system?
A- I guess my question back would be “does the demonstration illustrate the flaws of time based training or the flaws of heart rate based training” ?  What people are seeing in the video demo’s is that one group  ( the heart rate based group) gets more rest. The reality is that they get more rest because based on their current level of fitness they need more rest. I like to go back to the “training is like farming” analogy. You can’t force conditioning. If you do, people can get sick  in the short term ( like vomit sick) or injured ( over time).
Q-  I can agree that heart-rate based will suffice for some, but with soccer or hockey players wouldn’t time-based training be better? Some athletes don’t have the luxury of getting as much rest as they need/ want.
A-  If athletes are not in proper condition forcing them to do time based conditioning ( set rest to work ratio) versus heart rate based can cause more problems than it solves.  As I mentioned above, forcing time based conditioning could be really damaging, causing them to overwork and potentially get injured. 
Q- The demands of sport can at times create a negative work to rest ratio depending on the game flow, so I don’t see how what you demonstrated could be game specific. At times some of the participants in the demonstration  waited 2 minutes before they could do another rep of a 60 yd shuttles.
A- That’s true but, the person with the exceptionally long rest was an Olympic level javelin thrower, not a field / court sport athlete. 
Q- Do you guys mix it up? For example, do you start someone who is out of shape on HR based then switch it up to time-based as their off-season starts to wind down?
A- Yes, we will/ might go to time based in the later part part of pre-season for the reasons mentioned above. However that would be a mistake with beginners, younger athletes etc. At certain times in the late pre-competitive period we will simply used timed rest knowing the athlete will not have the luxury of “unlimited rest”. 

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