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Functional Training for Sports

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My first book Functional Training for Sports was published in 2004. This year we broke 50,000 copies sold worldwide with translations in German and Japanese. How crazy is that?

PS-Hope to see lots of you tomorrow at the sold out Perform Better Seminar in Boston with Robert Dos Remedios, Nick Winkelman, and Martin Rooney.



Interview Homework?

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My last post on A Strength Question was really well viewed so I thought I’d answer another question from a reader.

Q- Hey Mike, I have a second interview at a fitness center and the manager gave me “homework”. He wants to know what kind of program you would give this man:

34 yr old male, works construction, and has a weak core and anterior pelvic tilt. He needs to lose 15 lbs and has bad eating habits.

A- I could write about this forever but, a few tips. If a client works construction use your common sense and forget things like carries, sled pushes etc. This guy does manual labor and doesn’t need the “fake labor” we often use in training.

You also need to realize that under-training will be key. Make this guy so sore he can’t go to work and you lose a client. Make sure to explain this so the client realizes that you understand the demands of his job. Explain that you need to ramp up over a few weeks.

Also, this guy may have a weak core and anterior tilt because of all the flexion he has done for work. Think hip mobility and core stability. Definitely no flexion for this guy and hopefully some easy extension in warm-up.

As for the 15 lbs, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Again, as we talk about often, learn to speak construction worker. What is breakfast like? Coffee and a bagel? How many breaks do they take? Does he pack a lunch? When he understands you have put some thought into this he will become a fan.

The big changes are

1- Good, high protein breakfast

2- Food packed for breaks

3- Food packed for lunch.

Hope this helps.



Pushup Progressions

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Here is a simple horizontal push progression in our continuing series of progressions. We like to look at “loading tools” and “teaching tools”. For teaching tools we like planks, squeezing an airex between the knees to tighten the core, and chin tucks. I like to cue “chest down, not chin down” as most people “peck” with their head.

For loading we use both weight vests and plates. Plates are quicker, vests work better. Depends on your situation.

1-Incline Pushup- my standard joke, “the only good use for a Smith Machine” Make sure the wrist stays stiff.

Heres another version

2- Pushup- nothing fancy here but we want to get to flat ground with great form.

a simple progression is to add a weight vest

3- Feet Elevated Pushup- an exercise bench works great here

4- BOSU Pushup ( feet elevated)- I’m not a huge BOSU fan but I do love upper body instability.

5- Weighted Pushup ( feet elevated) –

6- BOSU/ Weighted/ Feet Elevated- heres one of my 60+ clients with a great demo

7- Rings/ Weighted/ Feet Elevated

The bottom line is you can really progress pushups. Don’t view them as a bodyweight exercise, view them as a strength exercise. If you can do ten, make it harder.

Perform Better On Demand

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Just want to make all our international readers aware of Perform Better’s new Perform Better on Demand. People overseas often have difficulty with shipping, credit cards etc when trying to get information products. Perform Better On Demand saves tons on shipping and you get products quickly. Take a look.

Perform Better On Demand

Exercise Progressions Series- Core Training Progressions

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In my talks last year a lot of the focus was on the training progressions we use at MBSC. However, the slides that contained the progressions were tough to read. I decided over the next few weeks to post a bunch of them here instead of emailing people the sheets. I’m going to start with Anti-Extension Core Training Progressions:

The first and simplest anti-extension exercise is a front plank. The front plank is simple and probably doesn’t warrant a video.

Next on the progression list would be a Stability Ball Rollout. This might be my favorite anti-extension exercise.

Next would be plank slides

followed by Wheel Rollouts

then Bodysaws

and lastly Front Plank Rows- in the front plank row and plank slides we get a combination of anti-rotation and anti-extension

These clips are from Joint by Joint Approach to Warm-up and Training and Functional Strength Coach Vol 3


ECA Ft Lauderdale

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Just want to remind everyone about ECA in Ft Lauderdale. This is one of the best education-vacations you can take. A great resort and a great conference. Have a great weekend on the beach and learn from Martin Rooney, Evan Osar and me. Not a bad weekend. In addition, there are tons of other presentations.
general info  :

link to register  :

I Like Big Butts

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Take a second and watch this: Glute Activation

Handicapping the Perform Better Summit in Providence

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Here we go again. I think this is the fifth year I have written my handicapping the PB Summits post. On June 6-8 nearly 1000 coaches, trainers and therapists will experience the best in education for strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness professionals. As I said in each of the last four years, if you don’t get to one of these seminars you are making a huge mistake. The biggest complaint from attendees at a Perform Better Summit continues to be about the inability to see all of the speakers. It’s so tough that some people are buying the Perform Better Seminar Pass  and attending two Summits. It’s always tough for me too but, just like you I have to choose.

Here are my recommendations on a session-by-session basis. These are the same ones I will send to my staff tonight:

*Every year I say the same thing. I will almost always choose lectures over hands-on. I’m coming to learn, not to get a workout. I may go to a hands-on but, not to get a workout. I’ll go to a hands-on to get “hands on” experience with techniques but, not to get a workout. Save your workout for another day and get some knowledge to help your clients and athletes. PS-My apologies if I don’t recommend you as a presenter but, I have to help people choose.

Friday June 6th

9:15- Easy decision. My hands-on is at 9:15. If you haven’t already heard me at this years  one day, come to mine. I like it when the room is full. We’ll be going through lots of hands-on progressions with me and a lot of my staff. Lots of coaches on the floor helping. If you already saw me at the One Day, go listen to Thomas Plummer. If you are a personal trainer, you can’t go wrong with Alwyn Cosgrove and, you will laugh.

10:45- Another easy decision. Come to my lecture. Already heard it? Take in Thomas Myers Hands-On.

1:00- After lunch, take in a newcomer and go hear former NFL Strength and Conditioning coach Jon Torine. It’s great to get some fresh new ideas from a guy with lots of in-the-trenches experience.

2:30- Bill Knowles will quickly become a name you hear a lot. Make sure you make this one.

4:00- Bill Knowles Hands –On. This guy is a rehab secret. Go get some knowledge.

5:30-  Not sure if they have announced the special guest speaker but, make sure you are there. DO NOT MISS THIS.

Saturday June 8th

8:00- Saturday starts off right where Friday left off with tough choices. For Saturday early check out Duane Carlisle’s Speed Development talk. If you don’t work with athletes go to Charlie Weingroff.

9:30- 10:45-  You can listen to Al Vermeil, a coaching legend or, get a great hands-on with Nick Winkelman.

11-12:15-  At eleven, go see one of the two lectures. Both Greg Rose and Brandon Marcello will be good.

1:15-2:30- The first toss up of the event. If I had to see one I might go to Greg Rose’s hands on but you won’t go wrong this time slot.

2:45-4 – I’m going to flip here and say go to Brandon’s hands-on. I think breathing is a new frontier.

4:35- Q+A. Get your questions answered at the end of the day, great opportunity. I won’t be there so make sure to ask lots of questions. The presenters love to stay late at the end of the day.

Sunday  June 9th

8- On Sunday the same six guys fill three time slots. I love Todd Wright and he is always good however Art Horne is another guy you should see and hear. He might be my first choice.

9:30-10:45- At 9:30 you can go with Coach Dos or Todd Wright and not go wrong.

11- 12:45- The weekend ends the way it began with tough choices. You would need to come three times to see everything you want. I’m going to recommend Art Horne again for my final recommendation.

Hope my recommendations help again this year.

Toes to the Bar?

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From a reader ( and a chiropractor)  via email

“I have a a question regarding the movement  “Toes2Bar”.  I have several die hards for patients and despite my best efforts to educate them, they just never seem to be able to wrap their head around the fact that all this lumbar flexion and high volume are causing back injury.  That being said, I wanted to get your take on the amount of lumbar disc loading that might go on during this toes2bar movement.  Personally I have tried them and I do notice my back is sore the next day.  Just wondering if you thought this movement might load the spine less than an actual situp or crunch, similar to the SL situp you advocate.”

My response-

1- I recently heard an anecdotal report about a severe skull fracture from losing grip on Toes-to-the-bar. Most people use momentum to get the last few and if grip fails the results could be catastrophic.

2- Toes to the bar is hip flexion aided by momentum with the hands acting as a fixed point. As many readers know, the  psoas pulls directly on the lumbar spine. This sounds like a prescription for failure. Sahrmann’s straight leg situp on the other hand is a slow controled movement in which neither end of the chain is fixed. Very different.
3- People have always liked the hanging knee up exercises ( toes to the bar is simply a more “advanced” knee up) because they make you sore and sore equates with good. The reality is that the abs get sore from attempting to control the eccentric action of the leg lowering. Not a great concept.
In any case, I’m obviously not a fan. However, it’s a great exercise for the chiros and PT’s out there as it will keep the patients coming.

MBSC in Boston Magazine!

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Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning was featured in Boston Magazine today on the web in a story called Fitness Stars in Our Backyard. Take a second and read it.