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Great Interview with Meghan Duggan

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Check out this great interview with Meghan Duggan

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

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I’m not sure I agree but I found this latest Mercola article interesting. Food for thought anyway? Research does seem to support the intermittent fasting idea?

Breakfast- Not the Most Important Meal After All…

On the flip side Men’s Health is recommending more eggs for breakfast? I love eggs so I think I’ll try this.

The New Rules of Breakfast?


Obesity- Cancer Link?

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No matter how flimsy you might feel the link between cancer and obesity is, this is huge motivation to lose weight.

Cancer- Obesity Link?

I know I get criticized for a lot of the Mercola stuff but, I still believe Dr. Mercola makes us think.

Another Good Reminder About Grass Fed Products

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Thanks to Dr Mercola. Keep trying to make small dietary changes. Pay a little more and get better products.

If You Buy One Bottled Water, Buy a Case

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This is my new policy. If I walk into my local Mobil station to buy a water I always grab a case instead. $5.99 a case and $1.09 for one? Does that make any sense? After I drink 6 I can just give the rest away.  It’s just the principle to me.

Please Stop Buying Your Kids Coffee

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Coffee is bad for kids. Kids should not become caffeine dependent in junior high or high school. It is bad enough that as adults we become slaves to caffeine but, every day I see kids coming out of the local coffee emporium ( Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts) with some huge coffee concoction.

In both kids and adults, too much caffeine can cause:

jitteriness and nervousness
upset stomach
difficulty concentrating
difficulty sleeping
increased heart rate
increased blood pressure
Especially in young kids, it doesn’t take a lot of caffeine to produce these effects.  ( from kids

Does your high schooler or middle schooler need anything that helps them sleep less or, have trouble concentrating?

Caffeine in Beverages 

Mountain Dew 12 ounces 55.0 mg
Coca-Cola 12 ounces 34.0 mg
Diet Coke 12 ounces 45.0 mg
Pepsi 12 ounces 38.0 mg
7-Up 12 ounces 0 mg
brewed coffee (drip method) 5 ounces 115 mg* TWICE AS MUCH AS MOUNTAIN DEW
iced tea 12 ounces 70 mg*     ( from kids

In addition, we are clearly contributing to obesity and metabolic syndrome with the caffeine and sugar bombs.

Calories in Selected Drinks

Large DD Caramel Ice Coffee 230 cal. 49 gms of sugar ( that’s without the famous extra-extra)

Large Blue Rasberry Coolatta  480 cal 129 gms sugar

Large Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta  w/ milk 730 cal. 146 gms. of sugar.





Why BMI is a Waste of Time?

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One of our clients wanted me to write an article on why using BMI is a waste of time. To be honest, I thought BMI had gone the way of blood letting and leeches  ( cue Steve Martin SNL skit for those over 45) but, apparently not. Our client is a well built, strong man in his sixties who is being told by his doctor that he is overweight. The article below, although the title references female bodies, does an excellent job of poking holes in the BMI idea.



Is Sugar Good for You?

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If you read the Facebook responses to a Dr. Mercola article I posted recently you would think that sugar is good for you. I was really surprised that posting what I thought was a simple article could produce such a huge response. The internet nutrition experts were out in full force, bashing Dr. Mercola, Gary Taubes, and Dr. Lustig as fear mongers and pseudo scientists. One even seemed to go so far as to say that diabetes could be caused by protein if I read correctly.

The truth is, I don’t know nearly as much about nutrition as the guys who blew up my Facebook page but, I still think still think sugar is bad for you. I also think that sugar may just be an addictive substance like alcohol and opiates. I don’t think our sugar problem is pure science? Or maybe it is? Is addiction/ overconsumption of any item a scientific issue, a psychological issue or a little of both?

In any case the “don’t vilify any food item or food group” folks will probably bash this post. I will play it smart and not take the bait this time. I will say that in my experience people who have problems with weight loss also seem to have problems with sugar? I know, the “experts” will say they have a calorie problem. I’m not so sure?

30 to 40% of US Healthcare Expenditures Related to Sugar!

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Take a second and read this. I think we all know we need to cut back sugar consumption but, not sure we do enough about it.

Sugar Consumption and Healthcare Costs

Interview Homework?

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My last post on A Strength Question was really well viewed so I thought I’d answer another question from a reader.

Q- Hey Mike, I have a second interview at a fitness center and the manager gave me “homework”. He wants to know what kind of program you would give this man:

34 yr old male, works construction, and has a weak core and anterior pelvic tilt. He needs to lose 15 lbs and has bad eating habits.

A- I could write about this forever but, a few tips. If a client works construction use your common sense and forget things like carries, sled pushes etc. This guy does manual labor and doesn’t need the “fake labor” we often use in training.

You also need to realize that under-training will be key. Make this guy so sore he can’t go to work and you lose a client. Make sure to explain this so the client realizes that you understand the demands of his job. Explain that you need to ramp up over a few weeks.

Also, this guy may have a weak core and anterior tilt because of all the flexion he has done for work. Think hip mobility and core stability. Definitely no flexion for this guy and hopefully some easy extension in warm-up.

As for the 15 lbs, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Again, as we talk about often, learn to speak construction worker. What is breakfast like? Coffee and a bagel? How many breaks do they take? Does he pack a lunch? When he understands you have put some thought into this he will become a fan.

The big changes are

1- Good, high protein breakfast

2- Food packed for breaks

3- Food packed for lunch.

Hope this helps.