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Great Business Questions

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One of our former athletes wanted to ask a few business questions. As I answered, I realized that I’d like to share my answers with you guys.

What is a typical day like for you?– To answer this one I decided to save myself some writing. You can read this post if you haven’t already.

As a manager, what do you do? My big responsibility now is staff education and training. The best way for me to make our business better is to have our staff be well prepared. I’m an educator and a quality control person for the company more than a day to day manager.

What advice can you give regarding career advancement for young managers? Know the area you are going to manage. “Walk a mile in their shoes”. Make sure you have done any job you will be supervising another in. Also, practice The Golden Rule , ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Treat people as you would want to be treated.

What has been your biggest learning experience? There have been many. Starting a business was the biggest experience in itself. We started in an industry that really didn’t exist and had to find and nurture a market. This was very difficult with no business education. However, most of the successful business people I know had very little formal business education and did lots of things “wrong”. Hard work, common sense, and a strong desire not to fail corrects a lot of wrongs.

How does your organization use values, vision, and mission statements? To be honest, we don’t, at least not in any formal way. We keep it simple. We practice the Golden Rule. People always wonder how we have been so successful. I tell them if treating employees like family and treating customers like guests is good business, then we have figured out good business. Too many businesses lack common sense. Our philosophy is the customer is always right until they mistreat our employees, then they are wrong. Our employees matter more than our customers. We’ll lose a customer if our employee is correct. No customer is so important that they can mistreat an employee.

How does your organization use goals and objectives? Probably in a very simple way. The goal is a very large one. We want to change lives. I tell my staff we are in the life changing business, not the fitness business. We are the best medical practitioners in the world because we prescribe exercise and proper diet. The objective? Make people feel important. If you do that, you can be successful.

Cross Ice Hockey Is Better for Kids.

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Parents hate cross ice hockey. It’s not a “real game”. The kids don’t follow the rules ( no icing, no off sides ) etc. etc. Guess what, parents are not very smart. Every good coach I know is a cross ice fan ( I know that list does not necessarily include your sons current full ice coach).

You know what happens in cross ice hockey? Kids touch the puck ( a lot), kids score goals. kids have fun.

Here’s a great read from Ferris State Coach Bob Daniels on Cross Ice Hockey

PS- If you are not a cross ice fan, just imagine having a conversation with another parent about your current field of expertise ( accounting, law, medicine, manufacturing) and that parent acting like they knew all about your field. Guess what, that’s what you sound like when you talk to a real hockey coach about hockey. Watching your local pro team does not make you a hockey expert any more than shopping at CVS makes you an expert on medicine.

Read Coach by Michael Lewis

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Anyone who has read my posts on coaching, parenting, or early specialization will really enjoy Coach by Michael Lewis. Coach ( subtitled Lessons on the Game of Life) is about Lewis’s ( Moneyball, The Blind Side, Liars Poker) high school baseball coach but really is a microcosm of todays youth sports world. I’d put it on my Must Read list. At 91 pages you can finish it in an hour.

This quote from Coach Fitzgerald ( our protagonist) sums it up

“Look, he said . All this is about a false sense of self esteem. It’s now bestowed on kids at birth. It’s not earned. If I were to jump al over you today, you would be deeply offended. You would not get that I cared about you”


Read Coach.

Football Players Gain Size and Strength Over 4 Years But Not Power and Speed?

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A recent NSCA Journal article was summarized in Science Daily

Through Four Years Training College Football Players Gain Strength and Size

The gist of the article was that strength and size increased while speed and power did not?

Two questions for anyone familiar with the study or, the Oklahoma State S+C program.

1- What type of training was done?

2- Did the study look at power just by VJ and 40 time or, did they look at relative power via Sayers/ Lewis formula.

I believe that an athlete who gains size and maintains speed and VJ gains power?

Feedback would be appreciated.

Are You Filling Buckets?

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I wrote this in 2012 for, it’s based on a kids book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Are you filling or dipping?


Squat or Deadlift, What’s the Difference

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I just got this question in a private Facebook group so I’d though I’d post the link here also.

When people used to ask me to explain the difference between a squat and a deadlift, I’d always give a simple, straightforward answer: In the deadlift, the weight is in your hands.

keep reading

Our Philosophy

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I got an email the other day asking if I could provide a “philosophy” for a class. I remembered I had posted this a few years ago.

1- First we will do no harm.

As strength coaches and personal trainers our athletes and clients trust us to make decisions for them. Much like Hippocrates in early Greece we must first agree to not intentionally or unintentionally harm them.

2- We will train no further than technical failure.

There is a difference between training to failure and training to technical failure. In truth even training to technical failure may be more intensity than an athlete or client needs. However, no client needs to train beyond the point of technical failure. After technique has failed the potential for injury rises drastically. Reps done after technique has failed are simply asking for trouble. You may not trouble right away but it will find you eventually.

3- We will deliver the minimal effective dose

The minimal effective dose is a medical term but, the implication is fairly obvious. If one aspirin is needed, take just one aspirin. Don’t encourage someone to take the whole bottle. The key to delivering exercise is knowing how much is needed to create a training effect. Any more is wasted and, potentially dangerous.

As you can see, two of these concepts come from the world of medicine. I think we are the greatest medical society in the world and have more power to heal than any drug company or hospital. Unfortunately much like Superheros we must learn to use our power wisely.

Your Kid and Mine are Not Playing in the Pros

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This is a great one.

Your Kid and Mine are Not Playing in the Pros

Is Crossfit Good for Business?

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At this weeks staff meeting I told our staff that Crossfit might be the best thing that ever happened to our business. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Let me take a minute and explain a few reasons why I think Crossfit is good for MBSC.

1- Crossfit gets people training with multi-joint exercises and intervals. Good

2- Crossfit provides an inexpensive barrier to entry. Good

3- Crossfit gets people injured. Good? I’ll explain later

4- Crossfit has a huge promotional relationship with Reebok. Good?

Here’s how I see it. People try Crossfit and like it. Then people get injured doing it and look for a better alternative. They find places like MBSC that at least ,to the uninitiated, look similar to Crossfit ( think multi-joint exercises and intervals). They often don’t know the difference initially except they don’t get injured.

Reebok runs adds for “The Sport of Fitness”. The Reebok ads look like they could be for MBSC. The Reebok ads feature multi-joint exercises with perfect technique. That sounds like MBSC ( except we have a mix of young and old, fit and not fit). We don’t see anyone collapse. We don’t see anyone with lousy technique. We don’t see any vomit or bloody hands?

Sometimes you need to look at the glass at least as half full.

A Great Simple Read on Training

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Every time someone asks me about a functional training program I always say “buy the original red cover Core Performance”. I still think this might be one of the best “how-to”, “follow along” books ever written in our field. I really like the 30-something Mark Verstegen on the cover.