Training the Endurance Athlete

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Do you work with endurance athletes? If you do, here’s an article I added to our free articles section on on training endurance athletes.

Training the Endurance Athlete

Great Sleep Article

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Here’s a great article from the Mercola site on sleep

Sleep Article

What We Need is Speed

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I purchased this a few weeks and declared it “the best speed book since The Charlie Francis Training System”

After finishing it, I’ll say it again.

I have pages of notes and love the brilliant simplicity of the book.

Quotes like ” train as much as necessary, not as much as possible” fill the book. The short section on Speed for Team Sports is worth the price of the book.

As an added bonus, the author, Henk Kraaijenhof , has agreed to be our guest speaker at the MBSC Winter Seminar on February 25th.

To order, click the link below:


Association between Lower Extremity Muscle Strength and Noncontact ACL Injuries.

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This is a great example of why we need to read studies, not conclusions.

Association between Lower Extremity Muscle Strength and Noncontact ACL Injuries.

The title should have been Association Between Incredibly Outdated Strength Training Concepts and Noncontact ACL Injuries. 

The study measured peak concentric isokinetic quadriceps and hamstring torques (60°·s), hamstring-to-quadriceps ratio, isometric hip abduction strength, and one-repetition maximum in a seated leg press.


This was the conclusion:

“Peak lower extremity strength was not associated with an increased ACL injury risk among female elite handball and football players. Hence, peak strength, as measured in the present study, cannot be used to screen elite female athletes to predict injury risk.”

Nordic Leg Curls- The Question or the Answer?

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Soccer ( football to our European friends) has a huge problem. Hamstring strains are near epidemic levels. The NFL is not far behind.

As usual, the researchers have all the answers. Actually the answer. DO MORE NORDICS.

Ok, you might ask yourself, “what is a Nordic” and “will it actually prevent hamstring injury”?

Both are good questions so, lets answer them in order:

1- a “Nordic” is basically an eccentric hamstring exercise. Probably in the glute hamstring raise family but without equipment. ( see Mike Boyle on Glute Hams Youtube)

The truth is the Nordic Leg Curl demoed above may be more a test than an exercise or, may be the peak of a very steep pyramid of posterior chain exercise?

I think it’s a real oversimplification to say “just do these Nordic Leg Curls” and you will have healthy hamstrings. I think attempting these exercises with beginners is more of an accident waiting to happen and, not have a progression to get to “Nordics” might in fact cause some injuries.

To learn more, read this:

Mike Boyle- Dealing With Hamstring Injury


Unilateral Training and the Bilateral Deficit

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I wrote this a few weeks ago for

Unilateral Training and the Bilateral Deficit

“What if the way we had always done it was wrong?”

Lee Cockrell- Creating Magic

Any time we bring long held beliefs into question there is bound to be controversy. However, imagine that I was going to show you a new spin on lower body strength training that would allow you to train with heavier weights and yet was far safer and potentially more effective than what you currently do? I think many intelligent coaches would at least initially say “show me”.

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Best Speed Book in Decades

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This is the best book I have read on speed since The Charlie Francis Training System. It’s rare that something like this comes out. To order, click the link below.