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Biggest Loser Secrets- We’re All Fat Again

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I’ve made no secret that I hate The Biggest Loser. I will admit to watching part of one episode and then never watching again. It is everything that is wrong about fat loss and our industry. Screaming, mean, uneducated trainers have made millions and become celebrities while injuring people in a made for TV farce. Read this

Biggest Loser Secrets- We’re All Fat Again


The Biggest Loser- The Worst Thing to Happen to Fitness This Decade

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Bottom line. This show is an awful testament to everything wrong in our profession. The network should be ashamed. This is a great article. Thanks Dr. Freedhoff.

Oh Jillian, You’ve Done It Again

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I have to admit, I’m not a big Jillian Michaels fan. We’ve never met but, her antics on The Biggest Loser really turn me off. I hate the show and have repeatedly said that it is the worst thing that has happened to the fitness industry in years. However, she is loaded and probably will kick my a_ _ if we ever meet. Poor Jillian, she has turned into a fitness punching bag this week after the release of her “Kettlebell” DVD. To say the reviews were poor would be a compliment. Take a minute and check out this LA Times article about Jillian and her DVD.

The funny part is that Jillian has said she will sue the columnist who wrote it? What for, speaking the truth. Let me know what you think after you read it.