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The Week in Review

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This was a busy week. Last Friday I got up at 4:30 AM to head for Arizona and the Meeting of the Minds. What a great conference. What impressed me most was that the presenters sat through each others talks. It was impressive to see so many great minds listening and thinking about getting better. It’s always great to be around so many people you like and respect.

On Sunday after a few beers at Saturdays’ social I got up at 4 AM to head back and catch my daughters hockey game. I cam back to an October snowstorm and a power failure. We spent two nights camped out by the woodstove in the living room.

Tuesday I headed down to Quinnipiac University for testing for our US Women’s National Ice Hockey Team in preparation for the Four Nations Tournament in Sweden. Got to see my friend Brijesh Patel and an amazing athletic complex. To top it off, the girls killed the testing again. It is amazing to watch all these women, many of whom benched 135 for reps and did 10 plus chinups.

Wednesday I headed back to Boston and topped off the week with a Wednesday night talk on Training the Baby Boomers at Winchester Country Club ( Kevin filmed this for BodyByBoyle Online).

Finished yesterday with a staff meeting and some TRX Rip Trainer demos.

Last but not least, Episode 91 of the StrengthCoach Podcast is up. Check it out.

Body By Boyle Online

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In the marketing world the idea of “done for you” is a great selling point. Three months ago we set out to put together a “done for you” program that would give a coach or personal trainer access to everything we do at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. You might ask yourself “why would Mike do that?” Well. The answer is simple. I love teaching and helping people. I also know that Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning will never be a big national company. I’m just too old to go the whole franchise route. I’m also not afraid that you will steal all my ideas and put me out of business. I think our business is pretty well established. So, we ( myself, my partner Bob Hanson, and Kevin Larabee of Fitcast fame) came up with the idea of Body By Boyle OnLine. Body By Boyle OnLine is a service that gives you access to everything we do and, yes we mean everything. Kevin has used a system called XPS Trainer developed in Iceland to upload every program we currently have to Body By Boyle On-line. Kevin has shot hours of HD video to illustrate every exercise. In addition, he has interviews, staff meeting clips and tons of other stuff.

The best part? This is an ongoing system. This will not be something you pay thousands of dollars for a one time purchase. Instead, we are making this available for a monthly fee. This is the closest thing to a Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning franchise that you will ever see.

How will and BodybyBoyle Online differ?

StrengthCoach and Body by Boyle online are totally different. Strengthcoach is collection of writers and opinions. I deliberately present a somewhat broader view with lots of contributors. Body by Boyle Online is directly aimed at the trainer or business owner who wants info that will impact there business immediately.  The information is what was formerly proprietary info from Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Body By Boyle Online is like being a virtual franchisee. The two sites have very different aims. With Strengthcoach we take the approach that we want coaches to read, learn and think. With Body By Boyle Online, we are simply giving away access to information. We realize there are clients for both services. StrengthCoach is $10 a month, Body By Boyle OnLine is $59. The Body By Boyle Online service has three big targets.

1-    Facility owners and operators

2-    Self employed personal trainers or coaches

3-   Athletes looking for personal training quality programs without the personal training price

Do yourself a favor. Click the link and take a look