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You Will Spend Money On Health Maintenance

Posted in Fat Loss, Injuries, Low Back Pain, Random Thoughts, Uncategorized with tags , on January 28, 2012 by mboyle1959

I have a very successful client who once made a great point to me. He said “people are going to spend money on health”. He went on to say that it could be proactive ( ex. a trainer) or reactive (ex. hospitals and nursing homes). In either case the money will be spent. Proactive spending not only will prolong life, it will increase it’s quality.

Why die of preventable diseases with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank ? If you are a baby boomer go out and hire a trainer. It’s not that I want your money, most of my readers don’t live north of Boston. I just want people to be able to take advantage of natures greatest medicine, exercise.