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Anecdotal Proof Static Stretching Works

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Pre workout static stretching is a controversial topic. I have been criticized for being a static stretching advocate by those who feel that static stretching decreases power. However if you read the research it becomes obvious that things are not quite that simple.  I wrote an article a few years ago called The Static Stretching Renaissance for my site that explains my thoughts in great detail. At Boston University we just completed our 2010-11 hockey season with a record of 19-12-8 for a total of 39 games. Not a bad year but not good by BU standards. This means we had 780 man games. ( 20 players x 39 games). As I always do, I asked a simple question at the end of the season. “Who missed a game with a muscle pull?” For the second year in a row we had one player miss two games with a muscle strain. This means over the course of almost 1600 man games we lost 4 to muscle strains. That I believe is .25% or 1/4 of 1 %. For those who still insist that static stretching doesn’t work, lets compare stats