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Interval Training Secrets

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There are two primary methods of performing interval training. The first is the conventional Work to Rest method. The Work to Rest method uses a set time for work and a set time for rest. Ratios are determined and, the athlete or client rests for generally one, two or three times the length of the work interval before repeating the next bout. The big drawback to the work to rest method is that time is arbitrary. We have no idea what is actually happening inside the body, we simply guess. In fact for many years we have always guessed, as we had no other “measuring stick”.

Heartrate Method

With the mass production of low cost heartrate monitors, we are no longer required to guess. The future of interval training lies with accurate, low cost heartrate monitors. With a heartrate monitor there is no more guessing. We are no longer looking at time as a measure of recovery, as we formerly did in our rest to work ratios, we are looking at physiology. What is important to understand is that heartrate and intensity are closely related. Although heartrate is not a direct and flawless measure of either intensity or recovery status, it is far better than simply choosing a time interval to rest. To use the heartarte method, simply choose an appropriate recovery heartrate. In our case we use sixty percent of theoretical max heartrate using the Karvonen method (see The Problem With Formulas box). After a work interval of a predetermined time is completed the recovery is simply set by the time it takes to return to the recovery heartrate. When using HR response, the whole picture changes. Initial recovery in well-conditioned athletes and clients is often rapid and shorter. In fact rest to work ratios may be less than 1-1 in the initial few intervals. An example of a typical workout for a well-conditioned athlete or client is show below.

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The Assault Air Bike

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I don’t get excited about a new product very often but the Assault Air Bike is the souped up AirDyne we always wished someone would make (and it’s not a Schwinn). I know, it looks just like the AirDyne but that is until you look closely. Every part of the old AirDyne that broke down has been changed. The pedal assembly is one piece which is key. I’ve been on it for three week and love it. A word of caution, they changed the gears and it is much harder. By my estimates 40% harder. This means harder workouts and more durability.  The bike has a built in Tabata ( 20/10) and a built in 10/20 for quick, tough rides. Get one and ride it, you’ll be sold. We are going to get 9 more soon.

The Assault Air Bike

AirDyne Intervals

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Been playing with a 3mi, 2 mi, 1 mi reverse ladder. Amazingly in three attempts the times have ben within 9 sec total .

Jan 2013

3 mi  7:06

2 mi 5:30

1 mi 2:30         Total 15:06

July 8th 2013

3 mi 7:20

2 mi 5:15

1 mi 2:30         Total 15:05

July 16th 2013

3 mi 7:02

2 mi 5:32

1 mi 2:37        Total 15:11

AirDyne Training

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Yesterday I posted an interval training workout on the AirDyne. A reader asked what a normal week looked like so I thought I’d describe it here.

I ride the bike because I have had two knees surgeries and my knee joints no longer tolerate running. It is a choice made out of necessity.

In a typical week I will ride 4 times. In previous years I would do

4×1 mi

5 mi timed

6-8 x.5 mi

3 mi timed.

I generally don’t ride on Sunday so I would ride 4 out of 6 days. After beginning my BioForce Heart Rate Variability program I realized that four hard rides a week was too much. I now do:

6-8 x .5

a 3 or 5 mi timed ride

Two 7 mi rides trying to keep my heart rate under 150 BPM. I hate these easy, recovery days but have added them to see if I feel better and, I must admit, I do.

Hope this helps.


Real Life Intervals

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I like to post some interval workouts that I have done from time to time for people to be able to compare and contrast.

Just FYI, this one was done on a Big Fan Schwinn Airdyne bike with the newer computer. This means times will be faster.

2 Mile   5:10  Heartrate 155 BPM rest to 110 BPM 60 sec

1 Mile   2:25  Heartrate 165 BPM rest to 110 BPM 80 sec

1 Mile  2:25   Heartrate 169 BPM



10 Minutes of Fun

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I haven’t posted Airdyne intervals in a while. This morning five of us did;

8 x. 5 mi.

I was under 1:15 on all 8. Rest was 1-1. It is amazing how hard only ten minutes of work can be. Give it a try but maybe start at 4 and add one per week.

PS- Big fan, new computer. The old computer would have me at 1:20 on each.

Interval Training and a New StrengthCoach Podcast

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Just FYI, this was last Fridays workout

7x.5 Big Fan Airdyne

1:25×1 ( warm-up)

1:20 x6

Rest :40 sec- 1:40sec

Highest HR 168

Looking for some great info on interval training? Check out Joel Jamieson on the Strength Coach Podcast.

Interval Training HIIT or Miss?

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This is an article I wrote a few years ago on interval training that we just added to our “public” section on . Thought you might enjoy it. If you want to interval train better click below.

Interval Training HIIT or Miss?

Real Life Tabata Intervals

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For those who have been under a rock, the Tabata Protocol is an interval training protocal that has been shown to produce unusually high increases in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The  actual protocal is 20 seconds all out followed by a 10 sec rest done for 8 work intervals. Unfortunately now any mix of 20/10 work to rest is now referred to as a Tabata. Just FYI, this is not the case. Tabatas were meant to be done on a bike and the sprint is all out. We did two sets of six on the AirDyne today as follows

Warm-up – Incline treadmill 10 min 3.5 mph 2-4-6-8% grade

6×20/10  Big Fan hitting level 10 on each sprint.  HR 166 after 6. Rest 1:10. Distance Covered 1 mi

6×20/10 Level 9 each time. HR 167

Give it a try.

Real Life Intervals

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I’ve been slacking this summer but my friend Ken has picked me up.

Today 4×1 Big Fan

2:42 HR 157
Rest 1:15
2:41 HR 163
Rest 1:40
2:43 HR 173
Rest 2:20
2:45 HR 174 ( I think, my head was down)

Not bad , not good.