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7 Days to the MBSC Winter Seminar

Posted in Core training, Injuries, Low Back Pain, MBSC News, Seminars, Strength Coach Podcast, Updates with tags on January 9, 2016 by mboyle1959

The MBSC Winter Seminar is only 7 days away. Have you signed up yet? I can guarantee you that Ana Hartmann’s talk will be worth the time invested all by itself.

Do you know that  being barefoot may be the key to low back health?

Have you ever thought of shoes as “sensory deprivation chambers for the feet’?

Ana’s talk was our best in-service in years and we are bringing her back to MBSC next Saturday to share her info with you. In addition, you’ll get talks from me ( 25 Mistakes, 25 Years), Kevin Carr, and Marco Sanchez as well as a great hands -on afternoon.

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