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Mike Boyle Seminar December 12th in Providence, RI.

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This summer I read Simon’s Senek’s book Start With Why. The book began a thought process that will become a full day seminar on Saturday December 12.

From 8 AM- 3:30 PM I’m going to explore the “whys” behind the MBSC programming.

Think about “why do we stretch”, “why do we roll”, “why do we do the lifts we do”. Most seminars focus far too much on what we are going to do and far too little on why we do it.

In addition I’m going to cover “how” we construct a program.  We’ll take an in-depth look at the periodization scheme that has allowed MBSC to flourish for almost twenty years.

There are only 50 seats available and we anticipate a rapid sellout so please reserve your spot early. A dozen spots are already gone and there has been very little advertising.

To register click here.


Next MBSC Mentorship Dates

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Just wanted to get out our Fall Mentorship dates out so people can start planning. Our program was designed to educate industry professionals on current training techniques through physical participation, workout observation, and in depth discussions with Mike Boyle and his qualified staff.
Participants will be introduced to the latest injury reduction and performance enhancement methods.
Applied Topics Covered in Program:
Soft Tissue Techniques
Muscle Activation
Pre-movement Stretching
Active Warm Up
Core Stability
Strength Training
as well as Innovative Strength Training Exercises, Conditioning Techniques,  Injury Rehabilitation and Business and Marketing Concepts
Fall Mentorship
September 16-19, 2013
Personal Training Mentorship
September 20-22, 2013
You can register  

Arizona Seminar at a Big Discount?

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Charles Staley and I discussed this earlier yesterday and I
think you will be very happy. As I mentioned the other day,
Charles has opened the Staley Performance Institute at the
Arizona Grand Hotel in Phoenix and we are holding a weekend
seminar May 12-15.
We know that the experience we are offering is something
very new, where not only will you be able to spend over 16
hours with us, but you will also able to stay at the amazing
Arizona Grand Hotel.
We tried to create a package deal to make it the most
affordable for you (and once you get to the Arizona Grand
Hotel you will understand how unbelievable it is).
Since this is a unique seminar experience but something I
know you will love, we wanted to offer you an early bird
discount. From now until April 20 we are going to offer you
$300 discount off all Packages (Except “Room Share” which
is $200 discount).
This discount is only for my preferred clients, blog readers
and StrengthCoach members. The promo
code to use to receive the discount is below.
This is a once in a lifetime working vacation that I am anxious
to share with a select few of you. Space is limited so make
plans and book now.
Here is the link for you to check out the details:
P.S. – This is real important. To be able to get the
discount for the seminar, you must use a promo code on the
checkout page.
Here are the promo codes:
Promo code for All packages Except Room Share- COACHBOYLE
Promo code for Room Share Packages- ROOMSHARE

Major New Seminar Announcement

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve added a new speaking date that I think is going to be a lot of fun. The dates are May 12-15th in Phoenix Arizona. Charles Staley has started what he is calling The Unplugged Live Coaches Retreat. There are bunch of really cool things about this seminar.
1- the seminar will be limited to the first fifty people, that is it, no more
2- the seminar is at the Arizona Grand Hotel. I’ve stayed there twice and it is my favorite hotel. A luxury, kid friendly, hotel is a real rarity. This one has great restaurants and a waterpark. If you are like me and love to have the family along, this is the seminar for you. No kids, no problem. There is still a ton to do at the hotel and in nearby Phoenix.
3- A social hour when you arrive Thursday night and another on Friday. This will allow us to continue conversations over a few cold ones.

In addition what I would love is for you to suggest topics in the comments section. We will have four three hour blocks so I think this will be a rare experience. This is the only time this year that I will be doing my own seminar. We will have 12 hours to let you know exactly what we are up to at MBSC. No waiting for articles or DVD’s, you will get the latest up to the minute info.

to register go to

I hope you can make it, I’m really looking forward to this one.