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Rachel Cosgrove’s New Book

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Just wanted to give everyone the Amazon link to Rachel Cosgroves new book, Drop Two Sizes. I love the Cosgrove’s as people and as writers so be sure to check it out if you train female clients ( and maybe even if you don’t).


Great Post from Alwyn Cosgrove- A Tale of Two People

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May 28th, 2012

When I was in high school in Livingston I was in an advanced mathematics class. I have no idea how I got there as I was clearly the dumbest kid in the class.

Sat next to me in the class was a guy (Keith Wilson) who spent his spare time (at 14 years old) working for a company converting the program code for an arcade computer game to a home version. He used to hand in his homework on a floppy disk…

Me? I was drawing sharks on the back of my notebook…

So while studying quadratic equations, (something that has been oh-so-useful in my life…) it was clear that I didn’t understand it. I asked the teacher to go over it again. He sighed an exasperated sigh – but he went over it again.

I still didn’t get it.

So I asked again. The teacher sighed loudly and said “Okay – the rest of you take a five minute break while I go over this again for Alwyn’s benefit …..” and then mumbled “for whatever good that will do”

Obviously I felt pretty small at that point. And of course the whole class heard him and laughed.
And I still didn’t get it.
And I never asked a question to this teacher again.
And I failed the exam for the class.

This teacher was a man who had a chance to make a kid feel better and help him, or put him down and make him feel worthless. He chose the latter. Why? Just because he could. That’s the kind of person he was.

Another person in my life was my Taekwon-do instructor – Derek Campbell. My Dad was made unemployed and we could no longer afford lessons. I went to my instructor and told him that we just couldn’t afford lessons anymore and I’d be back when my Dad got a job.

He told me to show up early for the next class and become his assistant – teaching beginners. He would pay me with free lessons.

I went on to become a fourth degree black belt, and seven time UK national champion as a result.

This teacher was also a man who had a chance to make a kid feel better and help him, or put him down and make him feel worthless. He chose the former. Why? Just because he could. That’s the kind of person he was.

One person changed a kids life and made it worse. One person changed a kid’s life and made it better. I remember both of them.

We have all had, and remember these people in our lives – the only question to ask is …

What kind of person are you?


New Episodes of the StrengthCoach Podcast and StrengthCoach TV

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New Podcast Episode Highlights
Episode 93- Coach Boyle talks about the Splits in his programming, Training to Peak at a Specific Time and the biggest change in his programming over the last year.
-Nick Winkelman discusses “Session Objectives”
-Rachel Cosgrove talks about “Drawing a Line Between Your Personal Life and Business”
-Chris Poirier tells us about the Holiday Sale, the ViPR and the presenters at the One Day Seminars.
-Gray Cook discusses his new DVD, “FMS- Applying the Model”; Training on the Edge of Ability; and Core Sequencing
Click here to listen to Episode 93

Episode 94- Chris Frankel, Director of Human Performance at TRX, continues the discussion about Conditioning with an interview about his lecture “Functional Conditioning: Energy System Training”.
– Coach Boyle talks about Topical Anti-Inflammatories, Progressing Anti-Rotation, Aha Moments from some of the ESD changes being talked about and actively pursuing referrals for your business.
– Erin McGirr tells us about the the presenters at the One Day Seminars in January, the Lebert Buddy System and the Holiday Sale.
– Rachel Cosgrove talks about “Big Picture Thinking”
– Nick Winkelman talks about “The Problem Athlete”
-Gray Cook discusses the Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist
Click here to listen to Episode 94

Strength Coach TV- Episodes 14 & 15

In Episode 14 of Strength Coach TV, I visit Todd Giorgi in Scarsdale, NY for a tour of Revive Fitness Studio. Revive is a great example of a small studio doing big things.

In Episode 15 of Strength Coach TV, I visit Don Saladino in New York City for a tour of Drive 495. This is a beautiful facility that caters to golfers right on Broadway in Soho, NY. A good lesson in customer service from Don and his brother Joe.

Check out Strength Coach TV

Alwyn Cosgrove’s New Course

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By now you have received at least a few emails about Alwyn’s Death of Personal Training Webinar. If you are as tired of internet marketing as I am you might have ignored all the emails and the webinar. I know, you are thinking “I”m getting something via the internet that is talking about how tired Mike is of internet marketing”? Truth is I am tired of products and product launches. There are just too many and I have another one coming.

However, lets cut to the chase. I think there is great value in Alwyn’s info. I try to rarely sell you anything and if I do it is not because I get a generous commission. In this case, I will get a commission but that does change my belief in the value of the information. If you want to make more money and change your business and your life, click here.