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AirDyne Intervals

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Been playing with a 3mi, 2 mi, 1 mi reverse ladder. Amazingly in three attempts the times have ben within 9 sec total .

Jan 2013

3 mi  7:06

2 mi 5:30

1 mi 2:30         Total 15:06

July 8th 2013

3 mi 7:20

2 mi 5:15

1 mi 2:30         Total 15:05

July 16th 2013

3 mi 7:02

2 mi 5:32

1 mi 2:37        Total 15:11


10 Minutes of Fun

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I haven’t posted Airdyne intervals in a while. This morning five of us did;

8 x. 5 mi.

I was under 1:15 on all 8. Rest was 1-1. It is amazing how hard only ten minutes of work can be. Give it a try but maybe start at 4 and add one per week.

PS- Big fan, new computer. The old computer would have me at 1:20 on each.

Real Life Tabata Intervals

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For those who have been under a rock, the Tabata Protocol is an interval training protocal that has been shown to produce unusually high increases in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The  actual protocal is 20 seconds all out followed by a 10 sec rest done for 8 work intervals. Unfortunately now any mix of 20/10 work to rest is now referred to as a Tabata. Just FYI, this is not the case. Tabatas were meant to be done on a bike and the sprint is all out. We did two sets of six on the AirDyne today as follows

Warm-up – Incline treadmill 10 min 3.5 mph 2-4-6-8% grade

6×20/10  Big Fan hitting level 10 on each sprint.  HR 166 after 6. Rest 1:10. Distance Covered 1 mi

6×20/10 Level 9 each time. HR 167

Give it a try.

AirDyne Intervals 4/15/11

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Great Airdyne workout today. Used the big fan bikes at BU. These are clearly the hardest of the three versions of Airdyne.

4×1 mi with my good friend Ken

2:41 work 1:00 Rest back to 110 BPM ( hearrate at the end of interval 1 was about 160)

2:41 work, 2 min rest

2:42 work, 2:20 rest

2:43 work

Give this one a try. For the new small fan Airdyne think around 2:30 per mile.

Metabolic Conditioning

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There has been lots of talk about metabolic conditioning for both fitness and fat loss. In the past I have posted these workouts under the heading Real Life Intervals. It’s funny because certain groups think they have cornered the market on hard work. In my mind, the best work device in the world is the Schwinn Airdyne. Between Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Boston University Hockey we own about 28 Airdynes. I know, they need a little maintenance but they are worth it. This is a workout done on what we refer to as “the big fan” Airdyne with the large front fan.

FYI, the work intervals are prescribed by distance, this way no one can dog it. If you use time you need to watch people. If you use distance, they either ride harder or longer. In this case the work interval was 1/2 mi.

Rest is based on heartrate. This means that we wait for the heartrate to drop to about 60%. There is no magic to 60% but it works. For my BU athletes we use 65% as that seems to be their recovery heartrate on the bench.  In either case the entire workout stays in the theoretical aerobic range.

We now have our Polar Team System on a big screen TV so there is no hiding.

Time       Heartrate        Rest

Interval 1  .5 mi       1:25         150                   :60

Interval 2 . 5 mi      1:20        160                 1:20

Interval 3  . 5 mi     1:20        166                  1:25

Interval 4  .5 mi     1:20         168                 2:00

Interval 5  .5 mi     1:20        170                 2:00

Interval 6  .5 mi    1:20        177

I think the key measure of fitness is recovery. How fast does your heartrate go down. We train for a combination of work consistency and recovery. Try it.