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New DVD’s- Finally

Posted in Fat Loss, Hockey, Injuries, Low Back Pain, Seminars, Training, Training Females, Youth Training with tags , , , on October 22, 2010 by mboyle1959

About six months ago I set out to film my three most popular lectures. It took a while to get everything done but hey are finally available for sale.

ACL Reduction was filmed at the MBSC Winter Seminar in 2010 and looks at ACL prevention from a training standpoint. This is about a 50 minute lecture that outlines a multi-step program of training to prevent ACL injury. I can tell you that it is better than any of the ACL prevention programs I have seen marketed commercially.″>ACL

Training the Overweight Client documents the steps I took to help a client lose over 100 lbs. in three months. This is a real common sense lecture that looks at the real problems with obese clients. Don’t expect any watered down “go for a walk” stuff or any Biggest Loser stupidity from this one. I actually gave this lecture in 2008 and 2009 on the Perform Better tour.″>Training

Hips and Hernias will appeal to the athletic training and physical therapy crowd. This lecture is the same one I gave to the NHL Strength and Conditioning Coaches in 2010 as well as at a few sports medicine seminars. Hips and hernias looks at the near epidemic of sports hernia and hip surgery in sport and how to prevent it.″>Hips

Take a look. I think you’ll like all three. If you are a Body By Boyle OnLine member, save your money. They will be up on the site soon as a value added feature.